Please Welcome: Laurits Flensted-Jensen

With a selection of over 200 short films not everyone is able to attend IFFR. To include them as much as possible we welcome filmmakers through pre-screening Q&A's about their selected work.

A pink neon lamp and a laptop screen illuminate the semi-naked blonde girl on the bed. This is the first image in the visually stunning openingscene of Melon Rainbow, the short film by Laurits Flensted-Jensen.

"I wanted to make a story about a girl that longs to be desired and therefore starts exploring her sexuality through the internet as a cam-girl. For a while I didn't know where this character was going, but then I started having these images in my head of the girl meeting a blind boy. Once this idea came in to my consciousness, I knew I couldn't let it go without exploring it."

When asked about the most memorable experience from the making of the film Flensted-Jensen replies: "One of the main characters in the film is portrayed by a blind non-actor. I don't want to get into details about the scene because it might spoil the experience. But working with him really challenged my methods of directing and expanded my perception of senses and how we perceive one another."

It's the second time Flensted-Jensen wil be part of the Short Stories programme. His graduation documentary Snow was showcased at IFFR in 2015, now he comes back with a short fiction film. "This is my second time screening a film at IFFR, so I'm just starting to build my relationship with the festival. I think that the idea of presenting both documentary and fiction in the same programme is a very progressive idea and a way of challenging the audiences expectations towards genres."

Melon Rainbow is part of the combined programme Short Stories: New Romantic and will be screened two times:

  • Thursday 28 Jan 20:00 LV 5
  • Sunday 30 Jan 11:30 Cin 4

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