Opening Film: Please Baby Please

07 January 2022

Film still: Please Baby Please

IFFR 2022’s online programme will open with a world premiere by American musician and filmmaker Amanda Kramer – who is also the featured filmmaker of this edition’s Focus programme – and a short puppet animation by brothers Lewie and Noah Kloster: Stranger Than Rotterdam with Sara Driver. Join us for the timed screening at 20:00 (CET) on Wednesday, 26 January.

Festival director Vanja Kaluderic: 

“We’re excited to kick off this year with a double feature. We'll start with a short puppet animation by the brothers Lewie and Noah Kloster, Stranger Than Rotterdam with Sara Driver, in which IFFR regular Sara Driver tells the somewhat crazy story of how Huub Bals in his inimitable fashion became the midhusband of US Indie cinema by showing and supporting Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise

This short pairs especially well with our opening feature, the world premiere of Amanda Kramer's Please Baby Please which underlines the ongoing importance of US American cinema to IFFR – even more so when it arrives with a unique female voice. Like so much of early Jarmusch, Please Baby Please is steeped in the mystique of 50s urban cool with its noir-infused plot involving a sleazy gang of Greasers.”

Please Baby Please

In this almost-musical with marvellously theatrical styling, a respectable bohemian couple discovers a sexual reawakening after encountering a bunch of savage gangsters. With a great supporting role for Demi Moore, as the woman who has everything.

Stranger Than Rotterdam with Sara Driver

A seedy and hilarious slice of film history starring Jim Jarmusch, Mick Jagger, and IFFR’s very own Hubert Bals in puppet form. From the days when forbidden films were locked away in cans, and occasionally became subject to their own complex heist plots.

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