Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016

Did you know that International Film Festival Rotterdam programmes feature films and short films in equal amounts? At the 44th edition of IFFR around 250 films between 1 and 65 minutes long, from all over the world will hit the screens again, including 26 narrative works.

The IFFR short film programme is renowned for its focus on experimental works and artist’s films. However, narrative cinema also has its place within this selection. Under the header Short Stories, five compilation programmes are presented, including a total of 16 short fiction films from all corners of the globe. Another 10 works will be screened before a variety of feature length films at the festival.

Dominga Sotomayor returns to Rotterdam with a new short film. Los Barcos initially started out as one fourth of an omnibus film about Lisbon, commissioned by film festival IndieLisboa. The film portrays a Chilean actress visiting a film festival in Portugal, who doesn’t waste time to leave this festival behind, and sets off to meet a stranger.

Meeting a stranger is also a key element in Belladonna by Dubravka Turic, where an unexpected encounter takes place in an ophthalmologist’s waiting room. The film won the Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film at the 2015 Venice Film Festival.

Edmond by England-based Dutch filmmaker Nina Gantz might also sweep up a big award at the upcoming BAFTA award ceremony, where it was nominated for Best British Short Animation. In this felt-animation the title character struggles with his love for others, that is so strong that it occasionally causes socially unaccepted behaviour.

For the third year in a row Thai filmmaker Sorayos Prapapan presents a new short film at IFFR. This year’s Fat Boy Never Slim follows two fay schoolboys who don’t want to go into the army when they turn 21. Prapapan’s first feature film project recently received script development support by the IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund.


  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016
  • Narrative shorts at IFFR 2016

Short Stories compilation programmes

Short Stories: New Romantic 

  • Melon Rainbow by Laurits Flensted-Jensen (Denmark) IP 
  • Univitellin by Terence Nance (USA) WP
  • Flots gris by Joëlle Desjardins Paquette (Canada) WP 
  • Ton coeur au hazard by Aude Lea Rapin (France)

Short Stories: On Their Way

  • Los Barcos, Dominga Sotomayor (Portugal/Chile) WP 
  • The Return of Erkin, Maria Guskova (Russia) 
  • O som da casa, Maxime Kathari (France/Brazil) 
  • Father, Davit Pirtskhalava, (Georgia)

Short Stories: Without Warning

  • Ogasavara, Tata Kotetishvili (Georgia) 
  • Belladonna, Dubravka Turic (Croatia) 
  • Nothing Stranger, Pedro Collantes (Netherlands /Spain/China) 
  • São Paulo com Daniel, Deborah Viegas & Nicolas Thomé Zetune (Brazil) IP 

Short Stories: Words of Wisdom, Words of Strife

  • Nuestro mar, Eileen Hofer (Switzerland) IP
  • Love Story Not, Yosep Anggi Noen (Indonesia) EP 
  • Meda, Emanuel Parvu (Romania) WP
  • Kwassa Kwassa, Tuan Andrew Ngyen & Superflex (Denmark/Vietnam)

Short Stories: Day & Night

  • Trespassed, Ho Yuhang, (Malaysia) WP
  • Bedside Manners, Yeo Joon-han (Malaysia) WP 
  • Bite, Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen (Malaysia) EP


  • Riot, Nathan Silver (USA) - Screens before Actor Martinez
  • Fat Boy Never Slim, Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand) WP - Screens before Sprawl
  • Edmond, Nina Gantz (United Kingdom/Netherlands) - Screens before Beyond Sleep
  • Our Fathers' Sons, Ulaano Salim (Denmark) IP - Screens before The Waiting Room
  • Ali's Boat, Sadik Alfraji (Netherlands) - Screens before Heart of a Dog
  • Atardecer, Violeta Uman (Argentina) IP - Screens before El apostata
  • Falling Frames, Johannes Langkamp (Netherlands) WP - Screens before Pacifico
  • Peace in the Absence of War, Theo Anthony (USA) - Screens before The Other Side
  • Tuesday, Ziya Demirel (Turkey) - Screens before Montanha
  • Untitled, Nicolas Provost (Belgium) WP - Screens before Endorphine