Mormaço by Marina Meliande

For the first edition of BOOSTNL a wide range of projects are selected. At the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht we welcome the 14 filmmakers with whom this new initiative will come to life. We introduce them with a short Q&A.

Marina Meliande

Marina Meliande (1980, Brazil) attended the film and video course at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, after which she worked as an editor. She was artist in residence for two years with Le Fresnoy in France, where she worked with video installation.

"For me filmmaking is a kind of writing, the way i can better express myself, where i can share with other people my way to look to my place and the subjects i think are important to be discussed. I´m completely passionate by cinema and how it can be an experience that can take us completely out of our center, life, point of view, specially as a collective experience to be share with others we don´t know. I can´t imagine myself doing something else than movies, it´s my way to connect to people, and to find a place for me to be part of a society. I'm really interested in how cinema can be part of a political way to discuss ideas, concepts, esthetics and poetry. The Cinema I'm looking for is the one that pulses and intrigues the audience. It´s important that a film can be a political statement even if subtle about the subject or place i´m dealing with."

What is your relation/history with HFM and/or CineMart?
"We have participated at CineMart in 2013 with the exact same project we're presenting here at BoostNL as a Work in Progress, "Sultry", as part of the Cinéfondation Residence program. It was one of the first public presentation of the project, so it was really important for us to measure how the project would be received by a wider audience. After this we had the great Hubert Bals development support."

In two sentences: what is this project about?
"Sultry is a project about the big changes Rio de Janeiro is facing in the last couple of years - especially in consequence of hosting mega-events such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games - and the impact it has in its inhabitants."

In which fase is the project now?
"We are currently in the editing process."

What do you expect of BOOST NL?
"We expect to have some feedback and consulting in the editing phase we are currently working on and to present the film for festival programmers and sales agents."