Meet the humans of Planet IFFR

They are unique in the way they exchange ideas. Their large brains enable high levels of abstract reasoning. They recognise themselves in mirrors. They live in complex societies. They are unique in their use of language. All of the above are characteristics of the fascinating species who inhabit the place we explored last year: the humans of Planet IFFR. You will find them on the big screen, in works of art, in the cinemas and on the streets. They talk, they dance, they make out, they scream, they find, they experience. They see and they feel, in groups and alone.

This year, we focus on the humans of Planet IFFR: without them, there could be no festival. They are the filmmakers and the visitors, the characters in the films and everyone who makes the festival possible. They are clearly related by real, scientifically verifiable characteristics that define them as unique, but which at the same time they themselves deny or undermine. A number of these characteristics – some deadly serious, others hilarious, but all recognisable – are explicitly revealed in the campaign for IFFR 2018. In the run-up to and during the festival, you will see posters and videos in various places presenting Darwinian descriptions of man, combined with images from films that have screened at IFFR. Like the IFFR programme, these texts and images hold up a mirror to us: we are all humans of Planet IFFR.

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The IFFR programme holds a mirror up to us: we are all humans of Planet IFFR.” – Festival director Bero Beyer

Festival director Bero Beyer: “International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is the place where alternative visions of film are celebrated. It is a state of mind that allows us to view the world around us, and ourselves, anew – through cinema. We call this place Planet IFFR, and as we descend onto its surface and look closer, we find it is teeming with fascinating creatures. Sentient beings that say one thing when they mean another; creatures whose large brains enable high levels of abstract thought, yet they make most of their life choices with their gut; sophisticated mammals who claim to cherish facts, but in essence relate to each other through the inter-subjective realities known as ‘stories’. Come IFFR, we will meet many of these humans, be they filmmakers, artists, film professionals, thinkers or members of the general public. Together, they recognise themselves in the images and sounds on the big screen, when they meet one another face-to-face and when they look in the mirror. These are the humans of Planet IFFR.”

Meet the humans of Planet IFFR from 24 January through 4 February 2018 at the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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