Masterclass: Bong Joon Ho

30 January 2020

Maestro & Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho about inspiration, working methods and other secrets to his success.

In 2001, Bong Joon Ho presented his feature debut Barking Dogs Never Bite in Rotterdam. At the time, IFFR picked him out as one of the big talents of Korean cinema. Since then, Bong has more than lived up to expectations, becoming a leading light in global cinema, not just in Korea.

With films like Mother, The Host, Snowpiercer and Parasite (Golden Palm and four-times Oscar winner), Bong Joon Ho combines sensational commercial success with glowing reviews and major awards. How does he do it? In this IFFR 2020 masterclass, he reveals his secrets.

About Parasite (B&W Version)
Inspired by classic cinema, director Bong Joon Ho has made a black-and-white version of Parasite, which became a worldwide hit after winning the Golden Palm in Cannes. The eldest son of an unemployed family gets a well-paid tutoring job with a wealthy family. This brings opportunity.

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