Limited-edition holiday sweaters

17 December 2021

IFFR 2022 Merchandise © Vera Cornel

IFFR wouldn't be IFFR without brand-new merchandise, would it? We're launching our collection for the upcoming festival edition with a colourful limited-edition winter sweater – a must-have for the holiday season! Designed by the Rotterdam design agency 75B, this sweater is made of organic cotton and available in two designs.

Ahead of the festival, you can get your hands on the first batch of official IFFR 2022 merchandise in our online shop. We offer home delivery on all orders, so that you can feel the IFFR spark at home this winter, and ensure you’ll be in full tiger style in time for the festival in January. 

We’ll be dropping new items in our online shop continuously until the festival. So keep your eye on, our newsletter, and social media to be the first to get your hands on it!

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IFFR 2022 Merchandise © Vera Cornel

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