Le Motel’s IFFR tips

What are festival insiders, tastemakers and creatives most looking forward to at the upcoming edition of IFFR? We asked Brussels-based musician, producer, film composer, DJ and field recording artist Le Motel. His new EP Transiro has just been released and brings exciting hybrid works that mix hip hop and techno beats, with club music influences from all over the world.

Air Conditioner by Fradique
Air conditioners mysteriously fall from buildings in the Angolan capital. Pleasantly free film with a great soundtrack.

“I didn’t know anything about this film, I just found out about it by going through the programme. It looks amazing, with powerful photography, and the musical approach is very original. I love the jazzy soundtrack and the sound design in the trailer. The script looks very clever. I also think we need to see more Angolan movies and to try and help develop African cinema – there are still so many great artists waiting to be discovered!”

Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story by Posy Dixon
The story of Beverly Glenn-Copeland, a composer of dreamy, electronic soul music so far ahead of his time, that he only met with sold-out venues at the age of 74.

“Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s work is brilliant and I would love to know more about his life and his vision. His music is very meditative, dreamy, fragile but intense. I also like this ‘cassette’ sound (he issued his album Keyboard Fantasies on cassette). Besides being a very avant-gardist composer, he is an inspirational transgender figure who came out when homosexuality was still illegal. I think it’s important for documentaries to speak about those realities.”

Ema by Pablo Larraín
Dance and drama combine seamlessly in this audiovisual spectacle in which a foster mother tries to get her adopted child back.

“I’m really curious about this one. The music is created by Nicolas Jaar and I read he was inspired by ambient and reggaeton. When checking out the trailer, I was instantly drawn into the story and the characters, and I think music really helps doing this. These are the kind of movies I would love to work on. Can’t wait to see it.”

Action, Almost Unable to Think by Mao Haonan
An ingenious visualisation of a real-life story, focusing on the inner world of this soldier, killed in an explosion while greeting a civilian. The film tries to recapture that moment of contradiction and vulnerability using the techniques of 3D video, computer rendering simulators, photos and graphics to express the filmmaker's personal understanding of the subjectivity of this reality.

“With this film I just instantly fell in love with the aesthetic. I think that, when it comes to art and to 3D in general, we are living in interesting times. Even at the Biennale in Venice, lots of the artworks presented are 3D renders. I think it’s a great medium to tell complicated stories in a different way. The film seems full of symbolism and powerful ideas.”

Crash with Live Score by Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
IFFR presents an exclusive screening of David Cronenberg's 1996 cult film Crash – with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. The score by Howard Shore will be performed live in ‘de Doelen’.

“Such a great bonus for the festival to present a 4K screening of this cult film accompanied by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. The only similar experience I had, was seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey with the soundtrack being performed by the Brussels Philharmonic – it was mind-blowing. Don’t miss this unique event!”

Photo in header: Le Motel © Cleo Nikita