King Willem-Alexander guest at the world premiere of Double Play

His Majesty the King attends the world premiere of Double Play on Friday 27 January. It is the film adaptation of the novel Dubbelspel from Curaçao writer Frank Martinus Arion, directed by Ernest Dickerson.

Under Dickerson's direction, the story of Double Play is brought into the present, opening up historical and contemporary perspectives of Curacao on the screen. A thrilling sketch of society in Curacao centred around the apparently innocent domino game played by four men every Sunday. Until it unexpectedly takes a dramatic turn. There are dangerous secrets, women who make radical choices and a boy who sees everything. Double Play is an exciting drama in which the main characters model for the crucible of Curacao: a story of pride and humiliation, money and love, ambition and hope. The film stars Caribbean, American and European actors.

King Willem-Alexander attends the premiere and speaks afterwards with the cast, producers, and representatives of the Curaçao community in Rotterdam.