Immerse yourself

Virtual reality is growing up. Every year more high-quality, fascinating works are being put out, and IFFR is spearheading this trend. Drop by in the Hilton Hotel from 25 until 29 January 2019 to experience two mesmerising VR films.

Did you enjoy José Celestino Campusano’s VR project Brooklyn Experience during IFFR 2018? Then don’t miss his new one. In Campusano’s La secta del gatillo you instantly step into the shady world of corrupt police officers in Buenos Aires. A very evil cop tries to clear up the mess he’s made of his work and life now he knows he is incurably ill. His new film Hombres de piel dura also screens at IFFR 2019. Don’t miss it.

Daniel Ernst’s Diorama No.4: Die Fernweh Oper (try out) is a totally different experience. In this installation, which is part of the Shoebox Diorama, you meet the fabled ‘Der Grosse Gottlieb’, the greatest acrobat of his generation, and Asteria, 15-metre-tall opera diva, born from protostellar matter and clouds of gas. She sings about the astronomical distance between her and her lost love. Blinded by personal grief, her lost love fails to see her transform in a black hole. Can you find her in this VR diorama?

  • Still from Diorama No.4: Die Fernweh Oper

  • Still from La secta del gatillo

IFFR’s VR programme will be opened on 25 January in the Hilton and runs until 29 January. The Hilton is also where a lot of the Talks & Masterclasses will take place. VR is represented at IFFR Pro as well. During the festival’s co-production market CineMart, there will be a special VR Day (Tuesday 29 January) where creators present projects in the making.

VR projects at IFFR 2019:

  • Diorama No.4: Die Fernweh Oper (try out), Daniel Ernst, 2018, Netherlands, 45’

  • La secta del gatillo, José Celestino Campusano, 2018, Argentina, 59’, international premiere

Photo in header: Still: La secta del gatillo