IFFR x ITGWO online

With the 2020 edition of Into the Great Wide Open (ITGWO) being cancelled, IFFR is nonetheless continuing the tradition of curating a selection of films for the Vlieland festival. Watch them for free on IFFR Unleashed from 27 August.

The fresh air of the island, the dripping ice cream, the beautiful Podium Vlieland screening room… this year you’re just going to have to imagine (or replicate) these things yourself. But we’re still providing the film programme with some excellent gems from the past edition of IFFR! Watch them for free on IFFR Unleashed between Thursday 27 August and Wednesday 2 September.

All the films follow people fighting a lonesome battle against the world around them and deal with what was to be the theme of ITGWO 2020: critical mass.

Two short films by Sarah Blok and Lisa Konno tell the stories of a father and a daughter. The fathers in both films took on an adventure at a young age: in Nobu, young karate champion Nobuaki left his home country Japan for the Netherlands. Baba follows the story of one of the first Turkish immigrants in the Dutch cultural sector.

Beer is Erik van Lieshout’s out-of-control attempt to answer the question of whether it’s possible to accept the Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for Art without selling his soul to the devil.

In Judy Versus Capitalism, Mike Hoolboom tells the turbulent history of his good friend and feminist Judy Rebick.

JovannaForFuture (film in Dutch) is a children’s film about the climate crisis and will be preceded by videos by children from all over the world reporting on the state of the climate in their neighbourhood.

Our full Into the Great Wide Open collection:

  • Baba, Sarah Blok/Lisa Konno, 2020, Netherlands, 14’
  • Beer, Erik van Lieshout, 2019, Netherlands, 35’
  • JovannaForFuture, Mirjam Marks, 2019, Netherlands, 15’
  • Judy Versus Capitalism, Mike Hoolboom, 2020, Canada, 63’
  • Nobu, Sarah Blok/Lisa Konno, 2018, Netherlands, 9’

How to watch for free?

  • Access the collection here and select the film you’re ready to watch
  • Click ‘Rent for € 4,50’, then log in or create an account
  • Go to your shopping cart where you can enter the promo code: ITGWO2020
  • You can use the same promo code to watch the other films in the ITGWO collection
  • Scroll down to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement, then click ‘Finish’
  • Leave the ‘Thank you’ page and go back to the page where you bought the film, here you’ll be able to press play

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more films and masterclasses on

Photo in header: Still: Nobu