IFFR unveils largest part of Voices section

Today, 24 films from Voices main programme selection are announced. The remaining eight films that will premiere as part of the VPRO Big Screen Award Competition in Voices will be unveiled on January 20. 

The Voices section brings together films characterized by a mature quality and powerful, relevant content. The main programme features new works of mostly established filmmakers with distinctive voices. The selection includes brand new films such as Actor Martinez, directed by Mike Ott (Pearblossom Hwy) and Nathan Silver (Stinking Heaven) in which a local Denver actor hires two indie filmmakers to shoot a film. In Oleg y las raras artes, festival favorite Andres Duque portrays the legendary Russian composer and pianist Oleg Karavaichuk.

Also in the Voices main programme, the European premiere of the seventh feature by former Tiger winner Hashiguchi Ryosuke, Three Stories of Love, one of the best and most sensitive films to come out of Japan this year. In the world premiere of Stop Acting Now acclaimed Dutch filmmaker Mijke de Jong collaborates with theatre group Wunderbaum. A film in which the actors stop performing and transition into real action in an attempt to change the world. Other filmmakers returning to IFFR with their new films include Athina Tsangari with Chevalier, Ariel Rotter with Luz Incidente and Joachim Lafosse with Chevaliers Blancs.


Voices Main Programme line up:

  • 11 Minutes by Jerzy Skolimowski (Poland/Ireland/United Kingdom)
  • 21 nuits avec Pattie by Arnaud Larrieu & Jean Marie Larrieu (France)
  • Actor Martinez by Mike Ott & Nathan Silver (USA) WP
  • El apóstata by Federico Veiroj (Spain/France/Uruguay)
  • Brother Dejan by Bakur Bakuradze  (Russia/Serbia)
  • Chaotic Love Poems by Garin Nugroho (Indonesia) EP
  • Chevalier by Athina Rachel Tsangari (Greece)
  • Les Chevaliers Blancs by Joachim Lafosse (Belgium)
  • A Copy of My Mind by Joko Anwar (Indonesia/South Korea)
  • Endorphine by André Turpin (Canada)
  • The Fourth Direction by Gurvinder Singh (India / France)
  • He Hated Pigeons by Ingrid Veninger (Chile/Canada) IP
  • The Land of Oz by Vasiliy Sigarev (Russia)
  • La luz incidente by Ariel Rotter EP
  • Montreal la blanche by Bachir Bensaddek (Canada) WP
  • Notes on Blindness by Peter Middleton & James Spinney (United Kingdom/ France) EP
  • Oleg y las raras artes by Andrés Duque (Spain) WP
  • The Other Side by Roberto Minervini (France/ Italy)
  • Paths of the Soul by Zhang Yang (China)
  • Pieta in the Toilet by Matsunaga Daishi (Japan)
  • Stop Acting Now by Mijke de Jong (Netherlands) WP
  • Three Stories of Love by Hashiguchi Ryosuke (Japan) EP
  • Yo by Matías Meyer (Mexico)

WP is world premiere, EP is European premiere and IP is international premiere