IFFR Unleashed: new titles in September

01 September 2018

This month we have 31 films for you to enjoy.

Every month, at least ten films are added to streaming platform IFFR Unleashed – from short to mid-length to feature-length films. This month, there’s 31!

Other remarkable new additions are for instance:


Mark Rappaport, 2017, France, USA, 36'

The video essay SERGEI/SIR GAY by Mark Rappaport, in which the filmmaker highlights the homosexual references in the work of Sergei Eisenstein;

Ce vieux rêve qui bouge

Alain Guiraudie, 2001, France, 50'

Ce vieux rêve qui bouge, a mid-length film about resting factory workers by Alain Guiraudie – pointed out by Jean-Luc Godard as the best work of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival;

Aim High in Creation!

Anna Broinowski, 2013, Australia, 96'

Or the revolutionary comedy Aim High in Creation! in which Australian filmmaker Anna Broinowski travels to North Korea to learn how to make a propaganda film.








All films on the platform have screened at previous editions of IFFR. More than half of them have not seen a theatre release since. IFFR Unleashed offers the chance to watch them online from the comfort of your home!

All new additions:
A Woman's Revenge, Rita Azevedo Gomes, 2011, Portugal, 100’
Actor Martinez, Mike Ott/Nathan Silver, 2016, USA, 75’
Aim High in Creation!, Anna Broinowski, 2013, Australia, 96’
Captain Fish, John Banana, 2015, France, 7’
Carne de perro, Fernando Guzzoni, 2012, Chile/France/Germany, 81’
Ce vieux rêve qui bouge, Alain Guiraudie, 2001, France, 50’
Chigger Ale, Fanta Ananas, 2013, Ethiopia/Spain, 11’
Cordero de Dios, Lucía Cedrón, 2008, Argentina/France/Chile, 91’
Das, Jelmer Wristers, 2017, Netherlands, 40’
De jueves a domingo, Dominga Sotomayor, 2012, Chile/Netherlands, 96’
Die Welt, Alex Pitstra, 2012, Netherlands, 80’
Diego Star, Frédérick Pelletier, 2013, Canada/Belgium, 91’
El becerro pintado, David Pantaleón, 2017, Spain, 10’
How I Fell in Love with Eva Ras, André Gil Mata, 2016, Portugal/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 74’
Il solengo, Matteo Zoppis/Alessio Rigo de Righi, 2015, Italy/Argentina, 70’
It's Hard to Be Nice, Srdjan Vuletic, 2007, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Germany/UK/Serbia/Montenegro/Slovenia, 102’
La isla, Dominga Sotomayor/Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, 2013, Chile/Poland/Denmark, 30’
La nuit, Jérôme Porte, 1999, Switzerland, 15’
Lebanon, Samuel Maoz, 2009, Israel, 94’
Mai morire, Enrique Rivero, 2012, Mexico, 84’
Papirosen, Gastón Solnicki, 2011, Argentina/USA, 74’
Parabellum, Lukas Valenta Rinner, 2015, Argentina/Austria/Uruguay, 75’
Praça Walt Disney, Renata Pinheiro/Sérgio Oliveira, 2011, Brazil, 21’
Pranzo di Ferragosto, Gianni Di Gregorio, 2008, Italy, 75’
Roaring Abyss, Quino Piñero, 2015, Ethiopia/Spain/UK, 86’
SERGEI/SIR GAY, Mark Rappaport, 2017, France/USA, 36’
Siddharth, Richie Mehta, 2013, Canada/India, 96’
Stella cadente, Luis Miñarro, 2014, Spain, 111’
The Pot and the Oak, Kiarash Anvari, 2017, Iran/Canada, 72’
The Unspeakable Act, Dan Sallitt, 2012, USA, 91’
What Now? Remind Me, Joaquim Pinto, 2013, Portugal, 164’

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