IFFR Unleashed: new titles in July

Every month, at least ten films are added to streaming platform IFFR Unleashed – from short to mid-length to feature-length films. This month, there’s 12! Among them the winner of the Bright Future Award 2016: Las lindas by Argentine filmmaker Melisa Liebenthal, a revealing and humourous testimony to the cultural construct of the female gender. Also, no less than four South-Korean films have been added, among which the Tiger Award winning Han Gong-Ju, an impressively acted social drama by Lee Su-Jin.

All films on the platform have screened at previous editions of IFFR. More than half of them have not seen a theatre release since. IFFR Unleashed offers the chance to watch them online from the comfort of your home!

Antes de Irme

Mariana Sanguinetti, 2017, Argentina, 10’
Breakups are hard and Jimena has a few things she needs to get off her chest. She also wants her ficus back. A voicemail seems like the best approach.

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Couplets for an Everlasting Eve

Begoña Vicario, 2016, Spain, 5' 
Collective animation provides strong condemnation of sexual violence. The form was inspired by the Basque tradition of celebrating St. Agatha by going door to door, singing verses to the beat of sticks banged on the floor. The 20 animators’ various styles and techniques combine to create an impressive film.

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Daytime Drinking

Noh Young-Seok, 2008, South Korea, 116’
Noh did almost everything himself in his charming, successful low-budget debut. A humorous road movie about a young man who drowns his unrequited love with soju (the notorious Korean rice wine) and goes from one misunderstanding to the next. As long as there's soju, he can toast.

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Un dimanche matin

Damien Manivel, 2012 France, 18'
Where are a man and his dog going so early in the morning? The dawn chorus hasn't even started. The man is the first person outside. He peeks over a fence and sits down. If only every Sunday were like this. A quiet film in which dawn slowly awakens the world.

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Evaporating Borders

Iva Radivojevic, 2014, USA/Cyprus, 73'
Originally from Yugoslavia, Iva Radivojevic investigates the effects of large-scale immigration on the sense of national identity in Cyprus, one of the easiest ports of entry into Fortress Europe. Poetically photographed and rendered, the film passionately weaves the themes of migration, tolerance, identity and belonging.

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Han Gong-Ju

Lee Su-Jin, 2013, South Korea, 112’
Impressively acted social drama. After an incident, a Korean teenage girl is transferred to another school, where she stays with the mother of her new teacher. She makes friends and is asked to join an a cappella choir. But the past will not leave her in peace. Winner of a Tiger Award in 2014.

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  • Still from Antes de irme

  • Still from Evaporating Borders

  • Still from I Forgot!

  • Still from Las Lindas

  • Still from La mujer de los perros

  • Still from Yourself and Yours

I Forgot!

Eduardo Williams, 2014, France, 29'
We follow a group of friends around Hanoi experiencing its freedom, sensuality and boundaries. They climb, jump and tempt the gravity of their daily lives.

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Las lindas

Melisa Liebenthal, 2016, Argentina, 77’ 
From this interrelation of testimonies, the film thinks, with humour and candidness, about the cultural construction of the female gender and tries to denature its “musts” and “musts not”, especially those related to the image. Winner of the Bright Future Award 2016.

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Made in China

Kim Dong-Hoo, 2014, South Korea, 100’ 
A Chinese eel farmer illegally goes to South Korea to fight against its officials, who label his products contaminated and ban them. Written by Kim Ki-Duk, this furious drama and heartbreaking love story examines the dreadful extent to which neighbouring nations go to protect their mindsets, formed by years of propaganda.

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La mujer de los perros

Laura Citarella/Verónica Llinás, 2015, Argentina, 95’ 
With a pack of dogs, a woman leads a self-imposed, autarchic existence on the periphery of Buenos Aires where the buildings start to give way to the Pampas, defending herself from the elements and other threats.

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Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, 2016, Norway, 30’ 
After years abroad, Gritt moves to Oslo to continue her work as an experimental performance artist, but her art alienates her from the people around her. Birgitte Larsen’s strong performance takes us on a journey through cold Oslo, courageously trying to prove that no kind of art is unacceptable.

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Yourself and Yours

Hong Sangsoo, 2016, South Korea, 86'
A playful narrative structure and psychological acumen are the two certainties in every film by Korean master Hong – also in his 18th feature. Minjung breaks off her relationship with the painter Youngsoo because he believes nasty rumours about her. When she then meets old friends, Minjung acts as if she is someone else. Or is it a double?

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Photo in header: Still: Yourself and Yours