IFFR Unleashed: new titles in August

01 August 2018

See what’s new online!

Every month, at least ten films are added to streaming platform IFFR Unleashed – from short to mid-length to feature-length films. This month, there’s 17!

Also, three Polish films have been added, among which the prize-winning Papusza by the married filmmakers Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze. This moving historical epic in black and white tells the story of the most famous Roma poet who ever lived. She was a resilient individual who tried to escape her fate, but this attempt was punished mercilessly.

All films on the platform have screened at previous editions of IFFR. More than half of them have not seen a theatre release since. IFFR Unleashed offers the chance to watch them online from the comfort of your home!

The Ashes and Ghosts of Tayug 1931

Christopher Gozum, 2017, Philippines, 115’

Layered historic essay presented as polymorphic fiction, about the notorious rebellion in 1931 in Tayug, Philippines. A filmmaker goes looking for the memories of the population about the local hero Pedro Calosa, leader of the rebellion. In the meantime, she tries to imagine the original events.

Watch The Ashes and Ghosts of Tayug 1931 now

Cambodia 2099

Davy Chou, 2014, France, 21’

Young Cambodians dream of emigrating to America or time travel to the future. This does require the right colour pyjamas though.

Watch Cambodia 2099 now


Costa Dulce

Enrique Collar, 2013, Paraguay/Netherlands, 75’

In the Paraguayan hinterland, there are many myths about gold treasures from a gruesome 19th-century war. When a young man happens to acquire a metal detector, he cannot control himself. With a painterly and anthropological eye, Collar tells a timeless story about greed and obsession.

Watch Costa Dulce now


Miguel Llansó, 2015, Spain/Ethiopia/Finland, 68’

A post-apocalyptic, Surrealist science-fiction romance from Ethiopia is not something you come across every day. The Spaniard Llansó who lives in Addis Ababa embroiders on his fascinating short film Chigger Ale and again finds Daniel Tadesse willing to play the lead.

Watch Crumbs now

The Day He Arrives

Hong Sangsoo, 2011, South Korea, 79’

The mastery of Hong Sang-Soo is recognisable in the sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving way in which he manages to restructure familiar elements in every new film in a fresh way: boozing, awkward flirting and ditto rejections in this updated Groundhog Day.

Watch The Day He Arrives now

El futuro

Luis López Carrasco, 2013, Spain, 68’

Back to the Future, Spain 1982: at a euphoric party, young people celebrate the election victory of the Socialist Party. López Carrasco stages the past with stunning precision and shows the future as a surprising result: well, the present.

Watch El futuro now









The Here After

Magnus von Horn, 2015, Poland/Sweden/France, 101’

A young man returns to his father’s home after spending some time in jail. The community has certainly not forgiven him his crimes, however. This excellent debut was shot in a wonderfully cool and collected way on classic 35mm and has a surprising leading role for the Swedish pop star Ulrik Munther.

Watch The Here After now


Noh Young-Seok, 2013, South Korea, 99’

As you can guess from the title: a 'home invasion movie'. A young man from Seoul hopes to finish his screenplay in a remote, snow-topped mountain area - but of course he doesn't. Made with the same engaging, amusing tone as Noh's debut, Daytime Drinking (IFFR 2009, also available on IFFR Unleashed).

Watch Intruders now

I Swear I'll Leave This Town

Daniel Aragão, 2014, Brazil, 90’

After a period of rehab, the daughter of a politician in Recife has to reintegrate into society and adapt her behaviour to the wishes of her ambitious father. Propelled by a fantastic leading role from Bianca Joy Porte, Aragão's dynamic second film combines a retro-cool mood with contemporary anger. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

Watch I Swear I'll Leave This Town now

The Last Family

Jan P. Matuszyński, 2016, Poland, 123’

An unconventional portrait of an unconventional artist. The dystopian paintings of Polish cult hero Zdzisław Beksiński are constantly in the background in this feature film, which focuses principally on the painter’s dysfunctional family, his loving wife, Zofia, and their troubled, emotionally unstable son, Tomasz.

Watch The Last Family now

Nosotros solos

Mateo Bendesky, 2017, Argentina, 16’

Débora and Facundo are inseparable – she's deaf and he takes care of her. He wants to keep it this way, no matter what. They also set cars on fire for fun.

Watch Nosotros solos now


Joanna Kos-Krauze/Krzysztof Krauze, 2013, Poland, 131’

Biopic about the rise and fall of Papusza, the most famous Roma poet ever. Her discovery by Jerzy Ficowski made her a literary sensation, although she was accused of betraying her own community. She died destitute, lonely and almost insane.

Watch Papusza now


Eddie Cahyono, 2014, Indonesia, 88’

It’s almost a genre: simple black-and-white films about poor young women who are forced to take the wrong path. Such as this sensitively filmed story about young mother and fisherman’s wife Siti. Her husband has been paralysed and that’s why she has two keep the family on her own. The karaoke bar beckons.

Watch Siti now


Soul of Sand

Sidharth Srinivasan, 2010, India, 99’

A very Indian film in very Indian surroundings, yet not a very Indian film. A guard keeps watch strictly but pointlessly at a deserted mine. When a fleeing couple wants to hide there one night, his world shifts. A harrowing metaphor for unrelenting inequalities.

Watch Soul of Sand now

A Tropical Sunday

Fabian Ribezzo, 2013, Mozambique, 15’

Street children try their luck at the Sunday fair in Maputo. As if Chaplin were still alive and in Mozambique.

Watch A Tropical Sunday now 

Where Is My Dog?

Miguel Llansó/Yohannes Feleke, 2010, Ethiopia, 28’

A dog gets lost on the streets of Addis Ababa. The search is a joyous, beneficial and ultimately surprising undertaking.

Watch Where Is My Dog? now



Tomasz Popakul, 2013, Poland, 18’

Slightly surreal animation about teen angst. Summertime in a fishing village; life's unpleasant sides reveal themselves to a lonely teen.

Watch Ziegenort now


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