IFFR Unleashed, new and improved

The best films, directly available from this is the new IFFR Unleashed. Use our streaming service to prepare for your festival visit, watch more films from your favourite IFFR-filmmakers, or bring the festival home if you can’t make it to Rotterdam this year.

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With IFFR Unleashed, we help you explore and discover previous work by filmmakers who return to IFFR 2020 with their latest film. Take our Previously On collection, which includes The Strange Case of Shiva and El futuro by Arun Karthick and Luis López Carrasco. Both filmmakers are nominated for a Tiger Award this year, IFFR’s most prestigious film competition.

And did you enjoy Birds (Or How to Be One) or Las poetas visitan a Juana Bignozzi at IFFR 2020 and would like to see more from the makers Babis Makridis and Laura Citarella? You can find their previous work on IFFR Unleashed, such as L and the strikingly unique La mujer de los perros.

What’s new?

Watching these films on IFFR Unleashed has become easier – and cheaper. From now on, the streaming service is fully integrated into our main portal, What this means is you no longer have to open a separate website to access  IFFR Unleashed. The entire collection is just one click away, in the top right corner of, in an alphabetical overview or via one of our themed collections.

From now on, you can watch films directly from their IFFR film pages. Say you’ve decided to take on last year’s La Flor. Simply use the search field, click on the page and you will see the option to directly view the film – or, if you don’t have a subscription, rent it. Fancy some preparation before you dive into Mariano Llinás’ 14-hour film marathon? On the same film page, you’ll find each related story, interview, video and podcast we did in our IFFR Daily. 

On top of that, we’re lowering the price. An IFFR Unleashed subscription in the BeNeLux is now €5 per month (instead of €9) or €60 per year (instead of €90). A Tiger Membership with IFFR Unleashed costs €85 per year. You can also rent individual films for €4.50 per feature film (previously €5) or €1 per short film from across the globe.

Why IFFR Unleashed?

We launched our streaming service IFFR Unleashed in 2018. Our goal: to make the best IFFR films available to watch on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone – and to offer a collection that we update frequently, all for a fair price that subscribers pay to support fearless, independent filmmakers.

IFFR Unleashed shows our commitment to IFFR’s mission statement: supporting filmmakers who, without compromise, want to make memorable films. 60 to 70 per cent of the films at the festival never make it to cinemas, which means that very few people get to see them. With IFFR Unleashed, we give films and their makers the global audience they deserve.

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