IFFR Pro x VR Days Schedule

Below you will find the full schedule of IFFR Pro x VR Days at the 48th IFFR. 

Tuesday, 29 January

de Doelen, Van Cappellen Zaal - 10.15 till 15.45

* including lunch from 13 - 14

10.15 Opening by Marit van den Elshout - IFFR Pro & Benjamin de Wit -VR Days Europe

10.25 - 10.35 Guy Daleiden - Luxemburg Film Fund

10.35 - 11.15 Case study: The Industry VR with director Mirka Duijn and producer Corine Meijers:

  • The Netherlands is the drug capital of Europe. Marijuana is in the nation's genes, coke flows in through its harbours, and Ecstasy is as Dutch as chocolate sprinkles. The wide-ranging project ‘The Industry’, which includes an interactive documentary and a podcast series alongside this VR experience, maps the Dutch drug industry on both a macro and a micro level.
  • The Industry VR is a co-production of Submarine Channel and VPRO, in collaboration with Zesbaans. moderated by Wendy Bernfeld

The Industry VR can be experienced for free at Hilton on Monday 28 January from 10:00  to 21:00 and Tuesday 29 January from 10:00 to 18:00.

11.15 - 11.40 Coffee

11.45 - 12.45 When being the best is not enough - How to expand in the current VR market: 

  • DVGroup and MLF are two of the most outstanding and creative studios in VR, they have been putting out critically acclaimed projects for years. However the reach of the projects is limited to festivals, fairs and exhibitions and the work is project based, not much room for profit, not so much continuity. What’s the next move, how do you go from here? No consumer market for VR any time soon, investments in content are running dry and you can’t settle for less quality.
  • With: Antoine Cardon - Chief Innovation Officer, co-founder, DVGroup and Barney Steel - Founder & Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast

13 - 14 Lunch @Port of Rotterdam Foyer, de Doelen

14.00 - 15.40 IFFR Pro x VR part 2: project pitches moderated by Wendy Bernfeld:

  • Pitch Albrecht’s Gift with Rein Zobel & Kalev Smidt - MaruVR
  • Pitch Bolivia profunda with Jose Campusano & Paulina Portela - Compañia de Cine
  • Pitch Cosmos within us with Tupac Martir & Lilian Hess - Satore Studio/Tech
  • Pitch Wallada with Nathalie Mathe - NativeVR