From 25 to 27 October, VR Days Europe took place in Amsterdam. Across different venues in the city people could goggle up and immerse themselves – literally – into the world of Virtual Reality. IFFR and VR Days Europe teamed up for IFFR PRO x VR Days, that took place on the last day of the event.

The day started with an introduction by head of IFFR PRO Marit van den Elshout, a keynote from Wendy Lynn Bernfeld of Rights Stuff and a discussion between Andrea Posthuma (Creative Europe), Reinier Selen (Rinkel Films), Julie Périon and Wiebe van der Ende (La Mado Films). Trends regarding VR were being addressed and the guests got an insight in the proces of developing a VR-project.

It inspires to develop and imagine the single scenes as balls on a wire rather than squares in a row.” – Filmmaker Mads Damsbo on VR

For this edition IFFR and VR-Days selected eight projects. The project representatives of the were invited to pitch their VR-project to an audience that included film professionals, producers and VR-designers. Mads Damsbo told the audience about his motivation to explore VR: "I am very curious to investigate storytelling from a more spacial experience in both sounds and images. I find it interesting, that the VR challenges me to a new way of thinking ‘storytelling’: spacial rather than linear. It inspires to develop and imagine the single scenes as balls on a wire rather than squares in a row. That's why I was searching for a story where the space itself had a significant role in the story." 

Projects varied from suspense driven crime-stories to magical journeys that mix layers of reality. IFFR is happy to give these exciting new projects a platform. 

The Projects

  • The Frontier VR (Angel Urbina)
  • Kinshasa Now (Marc-Henri Wajnberg & Luiza Queiroz)
  • Living Pages (Paula Kehoe & Maxime Coton)
  • My Only Way Out (Wiebe van den Ende & Julie Périon)
  • Paris Syndrome (Thorsten Hoffmann & Brinda Paul)
  • Under the Skin (João Inada)
  • WUNDERBERG (Barbara Lippe & Florian Carls)
  • Ice Cave (Mads Damsbo)
  • My Only Way Out (Wiebe van den Ende & Julie Périon)

  • Living Pages (Paula Kehoe & Maxime Coton)

  • Under the Skin (João Inada)

After the pitching sessions the project representatives engaged in round table sessions with the attending guests in order to go a little bit deeper into their projects.

IFFR PRO x VR Days was closed with a lunch, after which the rest of the venue and it’s numerous installations, games and content creations could be explored.