IFFR PRO freshen up CineMart

Starting the edition of 2018, IFFR will expand on its PRO activities by revamping the co-production market CineMart and by merging the audience oriented activities of IFFR LIVE with a curated distribution conference called Reality Check.

Topics of discussion will include a focus on innovative strategies of distribution, case studies of new models, and think tanks to encourage further discussion.The conference will be held across three days during the festival’s IFFR PRO Days, which includes CineMart, Rotterdam's respected industry arm.

CineMart revamps

For 2018, the festival will also revamp CineMart, applying a more tailored approach by curating meeting schedules for visiting industry delegates. A team of IFFR matchmakers will aim to set up appropriate meetings by pairing projects with companies they will find most beneficial. For example, films in early development will be paired with producers and funders looking to board projects at an early stage.

Head of IFFR PRO Marit van den Elshout said: "As always, our aim is to bring the right people together, but at the same time leave enough room for unexpected and unforeseen encounters and exchange that can reach far beyond the project and its status. Project representatives are now also able to strive through the guest list and meet people that might be relevant for their project or for just for informal networking."

Secure the future of independent cinema

IFFR is structurally active in the fields of distribution, gathering and sharing knowledge and expertise, and in talent and project development, financing and fundraising. To secure the screening of independent cinema outside festivals, we explore new paths towards alternative distribution models and public outreach.

The ambition for 2018 and beyond is to expand the unique profile of the festival, which merges innovative and daring auteur cinema with a large audience. This includes taking a realistic view and partner attitude towards the independent film making community as well as optimising the strength and marketing potential of the festival for the Benelux and international press, professionals and public. It is IFFR's firm belief that the independent spirit that has formed the festival and turned it into a player of importance must be central in all future endeavours.