IFFR Pro at Cannes 2019

From 14 to 25 May the 72nd Cannes film festival takes place. The French festival is a good moment for IFFR to reflect, meet up and plan ahead. 

  • Marit van den Elshout at the Indaba presentation

  • Sarah Schiesser (Locarno Pro) shaking hands on collaboration with IFFR Pro

  • The premiere of the HBF supported The Orphanage 

  • Meeting the IETFTA filmmakers

  • Meeting the IETFTA filmmakers

  • IFFR drink at Cannes

IFFR attends the 72nd Festival de Cannes with the following delegation:

IFFR Pro in action 

Everyone, of course, has a tight schedule in Cannes. so, here is a small overview of where to meet some of us in action.

  • From Wednesday 15 to Tuesday 22 May Fay Breeman and Inke van Loocke will host a table at the Marche du Film - Producers Network Breakfasts.
  • On Friday 17 May Marit van den Elshout is part of the panel on How international talent labs can help boost your career at the UK Film Centre in Pavilion 116.
  • On Sunday 19 May Inke van Loocke holds a talk in the morning on IFFR Pro at the Young Nordic Producers Network.
  • On Sunday 19 May Inke van Loocke and Fay Breeman will attend the IEFTA brunch to talk about projects from Africa. 
  • On Monday 20 May Fay Breeman and Inke van Loocke hold a presentation about HBF en IFFR Pro for the projects involved in La Fabrique - Les Cinemas du Monde.
  • On Monday 20 May Marit van den Elshout will be part of the panel «Training producers to international coproduction» in the Cinémas du Monde pavilion to talk about the Indaba initiative.
  • On Monday 20 May Fay Breeman and Inke van Loocke are involved in the Thais Pitch at Cannes talks to inform them about HBF and IFFR Pro.
  • On Monday 20 May IFFR holds a drink in the Dutch pavilion (invitation only).
  • On Tuesday 21 May Inke van Loocke will hold speed-dates with the NOT SHORT ON TALENT delegation of Telefilm Canada.

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