IFFR Live: The Model

"Are you ready for it?" asks her father as they drive to the airport. Sixteen-year-old Emma, main character in Mads Matthiesen's haunting feature The Model, nods timidly. The world premiere of The Model on Saturday 30 January at 16:00 hrs will be the second interactive IFFR Live event, simultaneously screened in cinemas across Europe and online via Festival Scope.

The Model tells the story of Emma, who just embarked on her modelling career in Paris and clearly doesn’t yet know the fashion world’s unwritten rules about love and sex. It's a stylish coming-of-age story in which the temptations and promises of the fashion industry drive a beauty to insanity.

Featuring Danish top model Maria Palm and British actor Ed Skrein (best known for his role in the TV series Game of Thrones) The Model is the second feature of Mads Matthiesen who was awarded Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival with his first feature Teddy Bear (2012). "I've come to realise that my films should be personal but not private, as clichéd as that sounds... I only want to tell stories about others, who probably feel in some way as I do." (Mads Matthiesen)


Directly after the film, Mads Matthiesen and Maria Palm will take the stage for the interactive Twitter Q&A. Don't forget to get your smartphone out during the Q&A to fire away questions using #livecinema.


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