IFFR Live: The Garbage Helicopter

Three idle twenty-somethings, one old Saab 900 Turbo and an antique clock. These are the ingredients for the superb Swedish road movie The Garbage Helicopter by Jonas Selberg Augustsén, screened on Sunday 31 January 20:00 as the closing film of IFFR Live 2016. The Garbage Helicopter will be available simultaneously in cinemas across Europe and online via Festival Scope.

Dry humour and crystal-clear, short, carefully composed, static black-and-white shots - is it any wonder that Jonas Selberg Augustsén’s feature film debut is being compared with the early work of Jim Jarmusch? Even so, the Swedish director adds plenty of his own touches, such as poetry and subtle engagement.


Directly after the film, director Jonas Selberg Augustsén and all main actors will take the stage for the interactive Twitter Q&A via #livecinema. Here’s your chance to ask the filmmaker and cast: The clock, is it broken or not?



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