IFFR Live: La novia

On Sunday 31 January 16:00, a dazzling adaptation of Federico García Lorca’s play Blood Wedding will be shown as part of IFFR Live. A bride must choose between her decent, rich fiancé and her childhood love, with fatal consequences. Beautiful images, vibrant Spanish music and all-consuming passion. La novia will simultaneously screen in cinemas across Europe and all the way to Curaçao.  Both film and Q&A can be also be viewed online via Festival Scope.

The countryside of Southern Spain, somewhere in the 1930s. The earth is scorched, the houses are dilapidated. The Bride (La novia) is preparing for her impending marriage to the Bridegroom. But the bond between the Bride and childhood friend Leonardo is stronger than anything and the Bride is torn between passion and duty.

This visually brilliant adaptation won no less than 6 Feroz awards, the Spanish equivalent to the Golden Globes.

The Bride is the most ferocious film at this year's Feroz Awards.



Directly after the film, director Paula Ortiz and actress Luisa Gavasa will take the stage for the interactive Twitter Q&A via #livecinema. 


IFFR Live is designed to enhance, celebrate and extend the live festival experience of watching a film in the presence of filmmaker and cast. It presents 5 film simultaneously across Europe in cinemas, on online platforms, and in the Netherlands on TV Channel 999 via broadcaster KPN. For more information and tickets please check out