IFFR Live 2018 Recap

31 January 2018

A unique live cinema event: six films with simultaneous premieres and live Q&As in cinemas throughout Europe. Check out the recaps of IFFR Live 2018!

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IFFR Live host Winfried Baijens: "I fell in love with Rotterdam through IFFR."

Presenter for the NOS broadcaster Winfried Baijens will host the very special IFFR Live event at IFFR. During IFFR Live, six films will screen simultaneously in more than 45 cinemas. Following the screenings, there will be a Q&A with the cast and crew in Rotterdam, with audience members from all cinemas being able to ask questions on #livecinema.


Six times IFFR Live during IFFR 2017

04 January 2017

There is nothing like the shared experience of enjoying a film with a room full of people. Oh wait, there is! Because if you go to one of the six IFFR Live shows, you could be joined by thousands of others. The third edition of the trailblazing IFFR Live programme is the biggest film festival screening in the world, streaming film events from Rotterdam simultaneously to every corner of Europe and beyond.


Programme IFFR Live completed

12 January 2018

IFFR Live: the most fun shared cinema experience! For the fourth year in a row we’re streaming film events live from Rotterdam to all corners of Europe and beyond. In Tiger Teaser #x we already announced the first three film titles, today we’re spoiling the full programme of six featured films, including special guests. IFFR Live will take place on three consecutive evenings, from Friday 26 January to Sunday 28 January.


Tiger Teaser #3: around the world

Anyone, wherever they are, can get a taste of the IFFR experience with IFFR Live. These are the first three films.