IFFR films in theatres: September

03 September 2018


IFFR films in theatres: September

03 September 2018

Missed a must-see film during IFFR 2018? Now’s your chance!

Did you miss a must-see film during IFFR 2018? Keep calm! Some IFFR-films will come out this year in Dutch cinemas, and we will keep you updated of this throughout the year. A handful of films are already (or will be shortly) in movie theatres around the country. You can find the overview for August right here. For September we're talking about:

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

Muayad Alayan, Palestine/Netherlands/Germany/Mexico

By having an affair, Jewish Sarah and Palestinian Saleem risk much more than just their marriages. Their relationship attracts attention from the security services on both sides of the Israeli 'wall', who are convinced there’s more to it than mutual attraction. The Reports on Sarah and Saleem won the Hubert Bals Fund Audience Award at IFFR 2018. Producer Rami Alayan won the IFFR's Special Jury Award 2018 for exceptional artistic achievement.

In cinemas from 06 September 2018

Click here to read our short interview with Muayad & Rami Alayan


Christina Vandekerckhove, Belgium

A tenement building in Ghent is about to be demolished. The dismal edifice was home to many people, sometimes reluctantly. A richly variegated documentary portrait about poverty and indifference, but also about love, in which the attention jumps repeatedly from one inhabitant to another. Rabot is also part of our Bright Future 2018 category. 

In cinemas from 6 September 2018

I Am Not A Witch

Rungano Nyoni, United Kingdom/France/Germany/Zambia

Eight-year-old Shula is accused of black magic and locked up in a witches’ colony. An opportunistic official saves her from this form of slavery in order to benefit from her supposed powers. In a mix of farce, fairy tale and social satire, we see how superstition is used to oppress women. I Am Not A Witch is also part of our Voices 2018 and Limelight 2018 sections. 

In cinemas from 13 September 2018


Babis Makridis, Greece/Poland

Absurdist drama with a dash of black humour about an anti-hero who is only happy if he is sad. Everything goes fine as long as his wife is in a coma. When she unexpectedly awakens, things go wrong. He has become addicted to sympathy and must at all costs be pitied. Pity was part of our Voices section and nominated for the VPRO Big Screen Award in 2018.

In cinemas from 20 September 2018


Kantemir Balagov, Russia

While her parents scrape together a ransom to pay their son's kidnappers, rebellious teenager Ilana tries to fight her way out of the oppressive Jewish family structure. In the southern Russian town of Nalchik, in 1998, Ilana navigates between Jews and Kabardians, conflicting ethnic groups in Russia torn apart by the Chechen wars.

In the cinema from September 27, 2018

Read more on Tesnota in our interview with Balagov

What Will People Say

Iram Haq, Norway/Germany/Sweden

Outside the walls of her Pakistani parents’ house, 16-year-old Nisha has the same cheerful, free life as other Norwegians her age. But she pays a heavy price for it. A seemingly innocent kiss lands the teenager in an inescapable vortex of suspicion and shame. An oppressive, biting film about living in a divided culture. What Will People Say was one of the audience's favorites at IFFR 2018 and is also part of our Voices 2018 and Limelight 2018 sections. 

In cinemas from 20 September 2018

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