IFFR films in theatres: May

Whether you missed a must-see film at our last festival edition, or you just want your taste of IFFR throughout the year, it’s good news for you. Some IFFR 2019 films will reach big screens across the Netherlands and we’ll be keeping you updated on their release. Here’s what’s to come in May!

Anna's War
Alexey Fedorchenko, Russia

The horrific true story of Jewish Anna, a girl who somehow survived World War II in Ukraine, is of great beauty. The six-year old hid in a building commandeered by the Nazis. Fear of discovery by the guard dog keeps her imprisoned. Ode to the ingenuity and resilience of a child.

In theatres from 2 May!


Kenneth Mercken, Belgium

Critical, semi-autobiographical feature film about professional cycling’s dark underbelly. Flemish up-and-coming talent tries to reach the pinnacle of his sport. It seems impossible without EPO and growth hormones. The focus on doping creates a intoxicating film with cycling as the ultimate drug.

In theatres from 9 May!


Viktor van der Valk, Netherlands/Belgium

A young filmmaker’s highly unusual odyssey as he struggles to get to grips with his work. While his inspiration, his lover and his financial backer all threaten to leave him, he wanders a nocturnal labyrinth. Can art transcend reality? A tempestuous, poetic and experimental debut.

In theatres from 9 May!


Take Me Somewhere Nice
Ena Sendijarević, Netherlands/Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alma travels to Bosnia to bid farewell to a father she hardly knows. This starts a journey with an unknown destination in which the outwardly indifferent teen discovers herself and her country of origin. A dryly funny road movie that captures the freshness and alienation of adolescence.

In theatres from 23 May!

Read an interview with Ena Sendijarević here

Photo in header: Still: Shadow