IFFR films in theatres: March

Whether you missed a must-see film at our last festival edition, or you just want your taste of IFFR throughout the year, it’s good news for you! Some IFFR 2019 films will reach big screens across the Netherlands, and we’ll be keeping you updated on their release. Here’s what’s to come in March 2019!

László Nemes, Hungary/France.

Following on from the impressive, multi-award-winning Son of Saul, Nemes made this irresistibly beautiful pre-WWI paranoid thriller, shot on 35mm film. Mysterious young Irisz Leiter arrives in Budapest to apply for work at the imperial hat store that once belonged to her parents. She is rejected but has no intention of leaving.

In theatres from 14 March 2019!

The Beast in the Jungle
Clara van Gool, Netherlands/Luxembourg.

John and May meet in different places, in various eras. He has a premonition that ‘the beast in the jungle’ will strike. But which beast? Van Gool’s adaptation of Henry James’s 1903 novella is a costume drama cum dance film. A poetic, melancholy contemplation on time, memory and mortality.

In theatres from 14 March 2019!


High Life
Claire Denis, Germany/France/USA/UK/Poland.

A spaceship is sent to explore a black hole. Its crew consists of dangerous prisoners, including Monte (Robert Pattinson) who is caring for a child born on board. Their medical officer (Juliette Binoche) may have sinister intents. A sci-fi film like nothing else, where Claire Denis explores bodies and souls in her very personal way.

In theatres from 14 March 2019!

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Lazzaro Felice
Alice Rohrwacher, Italy/Switzerland/France/Germany.

Award-winning Italian director Alice Rohrwacher’s modern fable concerns the innocent Lazzaro and the other villagers who live like Medieval serfs on a tobacco plantation. Following a dramatic incident, they are dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world – whether they’ll be better off there or not remains to be seen.

In theatres from 21 March!


The Hummingbird Project
Kim Nguyen, Canada/Belgium.

Super sharp thriller with Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skårsgard as two Wall Street geeks with a bizarre, yet lucrative plan. All they have to do is run a fibre-optic cable from Kansas to New Jersey whilst outsmarting their canny boss (Salma Hayek).

In theatres from 21 March!


Ash Is Purest White
Jia Zhangke, China/France.

In Jia Zhangke’s new film, dancer Qiao and mob boss Bin’s violent relationship plays out against a background chronicling contemporary China from 2001 to 2017; from mining ghost towns to entire villages sacrificed for new dams.

In theatres from 28 March!

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Photo in header: Still: Ash Is Purest White