IFFR films in the open air

Audience Award winner Capharnaüm, Special Jury Award winner Take Me Somewhere Nice, Tel Aviv on Fire, and Leto: beautiful titles that you may have missed at IFFR earlier this year. This summer you will have the chance to see them in the open air at one of the many outdoor cinemas in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Den Skyldige (The Guilty) - IFFR 2018
Gustav Möller
NatLab, Eindhoven 
Tuesday 6 August 2019

A single space, a great lead, a compelling script and a nail-biting soundtrack is all debut director Gustav Möller needs to captivate his audience for 90 minutes. Asger Holm is fabulous as the tortured, headstrong cop hell bent on solving a disturbing phone call during a shift manning the emergency line.

Cold War - CIFFR 2019
Pawel Pawlikowski
Cinema Buiten, Utrecht
Friday 9 August 2019

An epic, doomed romance, set on either side of the Iron Curtain. In a scant 80 minutes, Cold War not only documents the entire history of the love between Polish musician Wiktor and his muse Zula, but also that of the developing musical movements in Eastern and Western Europe, which they encounter on their flight.

Lady Bird - IFFR 2018
Greta Gerwig
NatLab, Eindhoven
Wednesday 14 August 2019

Most known for acting and screenwriting, Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha) makes her solo directorial debut with this highly praised tragicomedy on teen desire in America. Saoirse Ronan shines as a high school student calling herself 'Lady Bird' and struggling with love and sex, arguing with her mom and dreaming of faraway, expensive New York. Winner Golden Globe Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.

Alejandro Landes
IFFR x Summer Nights: Monos, Rotterdam
Wednesday 4 September 2019

Monos by Alejandro Landes follows a rebel group of teenage soldiers residing in the mountains of Colombia, watching over a hostage and a conscripted milk cow.

King of the Belgians - IFFR 2017
Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
Cinema Buiten, Utrecht
Sunday 8 September 2019

Widely praised Belgian mockumentary and road movie by IFFR regulars Brosens and Woodworth. A Belgian king hears during a state visit to Turkey that Wallonia has become independent. What follows is a hilarious journey by the king and his entourage through the Balkans, reflecting all possible (cultural) clichés.


Girl - MASH-UP! 2018
Lukas Dhont

Terrasfilm, Bree
Saturday 27 July 2019

Openluchtcinema, Rijkevorsel
Saturday 10 August 2019

Openluchtfilm, Gent
Thursday 25 July 2019

Openluchtfilmfestival: Zemst onder de sterren, Zemst 
Tuesday 20 August 2019

Ciné Lille, Gent 
Thursday 22 August 2019

Filmophetstrand, Zeebrugge (Brugge) 
Thursday 22 August 2019

Girl is the sensational feature-film debut of Flemish filmmaker Lukas Dhont, and tells the story of Lara, a 15-year-old girl born in the body of a boy dreaming to become a ballerina. The leading role is played by the promising young actor Victor Polster, whose impressive performance was awarded with the Un Certain Regard Prize for Best Actor at Cannes Film Festival. That’s not the only prize Girl took home from Cannes 2018; the film also won the FIPRESCI Prize, the Caméra d’Or and the Queer Palm for best LGBT film.

Girl at MASH-UP!

Lukas Dhont's Girl was the main attraction at MASH-UP! 2018.

What is MASH-UP!?

Black Cat, White Cat
Emir Kusturica
Openluchtfilm, Aalst
Thursday 22 August and Friday 23 August 2019

Virtuoso, exuberant and crazy comedy about a weird gypsy wedding. A wild web of intrigues and deception is spun, but the party goes on without tiring.

Jim Jarmusch
Openluchtcinema, Kortrijk
Friday 30 August 2019

Paterson (Adam Driver) gets up at six a.m., drives his bus, comes home to his wife Golshifteh Farahani at six p.m., walks the dog and has a beer at his local bar. Every day. In the meantime, he writes poetry. Jarmusch is the loving observer of this loving observer. A small oasis of a film.