IFFR creates four sections of film experience

During the 45th edition of IFFR, which takes place from 27 January through 7 February 2016, the programme will be grouped in four new sections: Bright Future, Voices, Deep Focus en Perspectives.

As festival director Bero Beyer announced previously, the programme of IFFR 2016 will exist of four sections which each have their own atmosphere, style, colour and tone. With these sections, visitors to the festival can choose how they'd like to be surprised, entertained or challenged.

Bright Future

Films by makers who enrich the film landscape with highly individual, innovative work. These are often talented, young, up-and-coming directors who are developing their own style and vision, which involves taking risks with original, often daring work. The festival's flagship Hivos Tiger Awards Competition is part of Bright Future. Films already selected for Bright Future: Of Shadows by Yi Cui and NUTS! by Penny Lane.


Films distinguished by mature quality and powerful, relevant content. Voices is made up new works by mostly established filmmakers with distinctive voices, presenting inspirational films. Limelight is part of Voices: in Limelight, IFFR works with Dutch distributors to support the release of a selection of approximately thirty films from this successful programme. Films selected for Voices: 11 Minutes by Jerzy Skolimowski and Heart of a Dog by Laurie Anderson.

  • Francophonia
  • Aaaaaaaah! - Steve Oram
  • The Event - Sergei Loznitsa
  • Francofonia - Aleksandr Sokoerov
  • Heart of a Dog - Laurie Anderson
  • Malgré la nuit - Philippe Grandrieux
  • NUTS! The Brinkley Story - Penny Lane
  • Of Shadows - Yi Cui
  • 11 Minutes - Jerzy Skolimowski

Deep Focus

The Deep Focus section takes an in-depth look at the work of makers who have an extensive oeuvre; at individual and collected works by film auteurs who through their work build bridges between the old and the new. Deep Focus brings the opportunity to look closer, also by screening retrospectives and offering masterclasses. Regained is part of Deep Focus, which gives interpretation and context to historical works, for example rediscovering classics. Films in this section: The Event by Sergei Loznitsa en Malgré la nuit by Philippe Grandrieux.


In its Perspectives section, IFFR examines itself and the conventions of film in terms of content, criticism, geography, portal or form, seen from different perspectives. These are the interzones where visual art and music, games and installations and other forms of media that influence cinema are scrutinized and shown. Critics’ Choice, in which film journalists select films they consider essential at IFFR and provide their own context and criticism to these, is part of Perspectives. Films selected for Perspectives: Aaaaaaaah! by Steve Oram and Francofonia by Alexander Sokurov. 

Signals, previously a programme element in its own right, is represented throughout each of the new sections. Signals provides an umbrella narrative running through the festival programme, making contributions to social, artistic or political issues. This year's Signals theme will be announced shortly.