IFFR calls for release Sentsov

Together with many Dutch film institutions, IFFR signed a letter urging the European Parliament to do everything in its power to ensure the immediate release of Ukranian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov. Sentsov is now on day 17 of a hunger strike in a Yakutia prison. He says he will follow through until death should his demands not be met.

Sentsov visited IFFR in 2012 for the premiere of his feature film debut Gaamer. In 2013, he participated in the Euromaidan protests opposing the Russian annexation of Crimea. He was arrested in May 2014 and has been held captive since, accused of having committed “crimes of a terrorist nature”. After what Amnesty International called “an unfair trial in a military court” he was sentenced for 20 years in prison.

Since Sentsov’s imprisonment, the film world has tried to make its voice heard in an attempt to have him released. IFFR sincerely hopes the international film world can gather enough political traction to ensure Sentsov’s safety and freedom.

The letter is an initiative by Filmproducenten Nederland.


Read the joint letter to Anne-Marie Mineur here

Letter (Dutch PDF)