IFFR brings La Flor to cinemas

IFFR is releasing La Flor, the nearly 14-hour long masterpiece by Mariano Llinás, to cinemas in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In this monumental ode to cinema, Llinás casts the same four actresses in six different stories told in widely divergent styles: from zombie movie to spy drama. The film is the two-time winner of the Hubert Bals Fund Audience Award – for Parte 1 in 2017 and for Parte 2 in 2019. IFFR programmer Gerwin Tamsma called the film a masterpiece  and the L.A. Times called the film “epic”, “dazzling”, and “the definition of a must-see”. 

The Dutch release will kick off from 12 to 15 July with a special series of screenings in LantarenVenster as part of LV ♥ IFFR Encore. After that, the film will be shown in other Dutch cinemas, including EYE Amsterdam. The film is also showing in Belgian cinemas like Bozar (Brussels), Cinema Galeries (Brussels), Cinéma Vendôme (Brussels), Les Grignoux (both in Liège and Namur) and Plaza Art (Mons).

  • Still from La Flor (Parte 1)

  • Still from La Flor (Parte 2)

  • Still from La Flor (Parte 3)

Photo in header: Still: La Flor Parte 3