IFFR announces winners Tiger Awards for Short Films 2017

The jury for the Tiger Competition for Short Films completed its deliberations and announced tonight El cuento de Antonia by Jorge Cadena, Rubber Coated Steel by Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Sakhisona by Prantik Basu as the winners of the Tiger Awards for Short Films 2017. The three winning filmmakers each receive a 3,000 Euro prize. The Jury also nominated Information Skies by Metahaven to compete in the short film category of the European Film Awards (EFA) later this year.

The jury for the Tiger Competition for Short Films was made up of Finnish artist, filmmaker and former winner of this award, Salla Tykkä (Giant, 2014); University of Amsterdam professor of Media Studies Patricia Pisters, and Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator of International Art (Film) at Tate Modern in London.
On El cuento de Antonia the jury commented: “A powerful film about a girl’s resistance to cultural and religious conventions told via different rituals of initiation. The young director demonstrates his capacity to work with actors and transpose the energy of the story in strongly framed and edited images.” On Rubber Coated Steel: “A highly topical film that digs below the surface of recorded information to investigate reality. By inventing an apparatus that translates forensic evidence, the film demonstrates how art must play a role in contemporary society.” And on Sakhisona: “A surreal, poetic approach towards the myths that are hidden in the archeological layers of the earth. The film engages the viewer in a beautiful black-and-white aesthetic and evokes a love story that connects to the vitality of nature.”

Out of the 23 nominees in competition, the jury selected Information Skies as their European Film Awards nomination: “In the tradition of the best essay films, this post-fact meditation on our high tech world stands out with its original imagery. Both the graphic quality of the animations and the distinctive dramatised scenes convey dreams and hopes for the future.”

Full line-up Tiger Competition for Short Films 2017

As Without So Within by Manuela de Laborde, USA/UK/Mexico
August by Omer Fast, Germany
Cloacinae by Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, The Netherlands/China
El cuento de Antonia by Jorge Cadena, Colombia/Switzerland
Deletion by Esther Urlus, The Netherlands
Fajr by Lois Patiño, Spain/Marocco
From Source to Poem by Rosa Barba, Germany
Fuddy Duddy by Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria
Holy God by Vladlena Sandy, Russia
Information Skies by Metahaven, South Korea/The Netherlands
Into All That Is Here by Laure Prouvost, UK
Joanne by Simon Fujiwara, UK
Last Days of Leningrad by Maria Zennström, Sweden/Russia
The Lost Object by Sebastian Diaz Morales, The Netherlands
Lunar Dial by Gao Yuan, China
Meridian Plain by Laura Kraning, USA
No Shooting Stars by Basim Magdy, Egypt/Switzerland
Nyo vweta Nafta by Ico Costa, Portugal/Mozambique
On Generation and Corruption by Makino Takashi, Japan
Rubber Coated Steel by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Libanon/Germany
Sakhisona by Prantik Basu, India
Super Taboo by Su Hui-yu, Taiwan
What the Heart Wants by Cécile B. Evans, Germany/UK/Belgium/Australia