IFFR announces Ammodo Tiger Short Competition

18 December 2018

24 short films selected by makers from 19 countries


Selections include exciting newcomers like German filmmaker Lucia Margarita and Moroccan artist Meriem Bennani, as well as filmmakers who have been in competition in Rotterdam before, such as Belgium-based artist Vincent Meessen or Taiwanese artist Su Hui-yu. Sara Cwynar (Rose Gold) and Daniel Jacoby (Mountain Plain Mountain), both winners of an Ammodo Tiger Short Award in 2018, return to Rotterdam in 2019 to present their films Red Film and Nehemías. Familiar names such as Simon Liu, Mike Hoolboom, Luke Fowler and Kevin Jerome Everson have shown several films at IFFR in the past, and this year make their competition debuts.

Two of the selected filmmakers will also hold Artist Talks at IFFR: Diana Vidrascu, selected with her film Le silence des sirènes, and Andrew Norman Wilson, selected with Kodak. American artist Cauleen Smith, selected with her short film Sojourner, also features in other parts of the IFFR 2019 programme: she presents her performance Black Utopia LP as part of the exhibition Blackout and is showing a number of her short films in a Deep Focus Short Profile.

The jury is made up of Vietnamese artist Nguyen Trinh Thi, who previously participated in the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films with her film Letters from Panduranga; John Canciani, festival director of Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur; and Lawrence Abu Hamdan, who will also be presenting his film Walled Unwalled at IFFR 2019 as part of Bright Future Short, as well as his performance After SFX, which is presented in collaboration with Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (who are hosting his solo exhibition).

Ammodo, an organisation supporting art and science, became partner of the competition in 2018. The Ammodo Tiger Short Awards will be presented on Sunday 27 January 2019.

More short films at IFFR

Alongside the films in the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition, IFFR also presents a large number of short films throughout its programme. Bright Future Short screens more experimental, artistic short films such as the world premiere of Johann Lurf’s 3D film Cavalcade, while Voices Short is the home for more narrative-driven short films, such as the world premiere of Tomek Popakul’s Acid Rain.

IFFR’s Deep Focus section also screens short films. In addition to the above-mentioned Cauleen Smith profile, IFFR is presenting an overview of Charlotte Pryce’s imaginative 16mm short films, plus two of her magic lantern performances.

IFFR’s short films screen ahead of feature films, in short film compilations and in the annual short-film marathon in KINO.

For a list of short films at IFFR 2019, click here





All films selected for the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition 2019:

  • 27 thoughts about my father, Mike Hoolboom, 2019, Canada, world premiere

  • ALTIPLANO, Malena Szlam, 2018, Chile/Argentina/Canada, international premiere

  • Anteu, João Vladimiro, 2018, Portugal/France

  • La bala de Sandoval/Sandoval's Bullet, Jean-Jacques Martinod, 2019, Ecuador, world premiere

  • Black Bus Stop, Kevin Jerome Everson/Claudrena N. Harold, 2018, USA, international premiere

  • E-Ticket, Simon Liu, 2019, Hong Kong/USA/UK, world premiere

  • Freedom of Movement, Nina Fischer/Maroan el Sani, 2018, Germany/Italy, international premiere

  • The Glamorous Boy of Tang, Su Hui-yu, 2018, Taiwan, world premiere (festival)

  • Kodak, Andrew Norman Wilson, 2018, USA, international premiere

  • Lost Tune, Reetu Sattar, 2018, Bangladesh, world premiere (festival)

  • Maman Maman Maman, Lucia Margarita  Bauer, 2019, Germany, world premiere

  • The Mental Traveller, Taiki Sakpisit, 2019, Thailand, world premiere

  • Mum's Cards, Luke Fowler, 2018, UK, European premiere

  • Nehemías, Daniel Jacoby, 2019, Netherlands/Peru, world premiere

  • Paranon, Zeno van den Broek, 2019, Netherlands, world premiere

  • Party on the CAPS, Meriem Bennani, 2018, Morocco/Switzerland, world premiere (festival)

  • Primeiro ato/First Act, Matheus Parizi, 2019, Brazil, world premiere

  • Red Film, Sara Cwynar, 2018, USA, world premiere (festival)

  • The Sasha, María Molina Peiró, 2019, Netherlands, world premiere

  • Le silence des sirènes/Silence of the Sirens, Diana Vidrascu, 2019, France, world premiere 

  • Sojourner, Cauleen Smith, 2018, USA, world premiere (festival)

  • These Silences Are All the Words, Madiha Aijaz, 2018, Pakistan, world premiere (festival)

  • Ultramarine, Vincent Meessen, 2019, Belgium/France, world premiere

  • Wong Ping's Fables 1, Wong Ping, 2018, Hong Kong, world premiere (festival)

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