IFFR 2022: RTM

25 January 2022

Film still: Shabu


IFFR 2022: RTM

25 January 2022

In our RTM programme, we put the spotlight firmly on films and makers from our city on the River Maas. A programme full of short and feature films, series, and documentaries – all focused around talented makers and stories from the 010 area, with an impact reaching far beyond. From established names and Rotterdam icons to emerging film talent, this programme reveals the riches of Rotterdam in all its glory.

Feature films



Altijd alles anders

Theatre-maker Paul Röttger is a true pioneer of inclusive theatre. In this documentary, the filmmakers follow him throughout the tumultuous creative process leading up to a production by his extremely diverse theatre company, Theater Babel Rotterdam.

Mondig Zuid

Affectionate documentary series about three teens growing up in Rotterdam-Zuid. Tania wants to be a spoken-word artist and is teased. Selena lives in a disrupted household and just wants everyone to get along. And Darlin is looking for a job, so he can earn money to support his sick mother.



Energetic coming-of-age documentary, in which a teenager from Rotterdam with Surinamese roots crashes his grandma’s car while joyriding. His family give him the third degree, and he has to spend the rest of the summer working to pay for the damage.


Short films




A villa in Hillegersberg with a speedboat moored to his own jetty, expensive cars, lunch at Old Dutch – life smiled at criminal lawyer Géza Szegedi. Until the tax authorities came to put things straight. Penniless and without regret, he looks back at his glory years. Portrait of a colourful character who refuses to be tragic.


In an empty museum, a number of young women reflects on transnationality and living in diaspora. In an environment where colonial history is still tangible, they smoothly and confidently navigate between politically charged considerations and personal stories. The krontjong [Indonesian diaspora music] improvisations by the band FRED is the musical layer in their collaboration.



Mildly absurd, surreal one-man project by David Spanish, the cameraman for Drama Girl, IFFR Tiger Competition 2020. In his directorial debut he is the actor, scriptwriter, art director, and electro/techno musician. He performs, disguised by masks with hollow or no eyes.


If Paradise Is Half As Nice

What happens when you bring a group of artists together on an abandoned industrial estate? Van der Lippe filmed the members of her collective while they discover, create, labour, and live together on the unregulated edges of the city.


Jules Deelder: Dead-Alive

This digitised 16mm film shows the making of a death mask for the then-still-young Jules Deelder. Mondini-VanLoo filmed the process in 1979, as part of the Bandaged Poets series by New York author Ira Cohen. Saxophonist Benjamin Herman (New Cool Collective) composed the soundtrack. Images and sound keep Deelder’s spirit alive.


Science Around Us

After a wild sex party in the apartment he rents out on Airbnb, Budi gets a call from his brother in Indonesia that their father is in hospital. Father and son try to bridge the distance during an emotional phone call. In the meantime, Budi cleans up the flat. The next renters are due in 15 minutes.



The black female body, away from the exotifying gaze, in all its glory, power, and strength. With the use of spoken word, strong imagery, culture and history, SHE is an interdisciplinary manifesto which challenges the perceptions of the black female body and empowers those women who possess it to see the true beauty they hold. The film has been made as part of a development trajectory together with HipHopHuis.


So Loud the Sky Can Hear Us

This portrait of a group of Feyenoord supporters unfolds a hidden world of faith, love, compassion and vulnerability. As Lavinia Xausa attempts to trace back the 'lost voice of God' among the voices of the supporters, she wonders how the lost monophony of ancient chants may turn into a new polyphony.



Short film version of the app – loosely based on tarot – the maker developed as a graduation project. Barbie dolls and Lego versions of Bert and Ernie play the lead roles. Instagram filters give them all sorts of layers, emotions, and identities. The game enables players to discover their life’s goal.


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