IFFR 2022: Official festival campaign

24 November 2021

IFFR campaign 2022

Colours collide, overlap, and reflect the broadness and diversity of IFFR’s festival programme. The official campaign launching our 51st edition was designed – in part by hand, and using a lightbox – by Rotterdam agency 75B.

Festival director Vanja Kaludjercic: 
“This campaign is about the richness and diversity of IFFR’s programme. We translated this idea into a broad collection of colours coming together, and thought about opposite ends of a spectrum – from the audience-favourites to the avant-garde, and everything in between.”

Looking closely at the campaign for IFFR 2022, designed by Rotterdam agency 75B, you’ll notice its analogue quality. Its overlapping colours were created by hand, using translucent sheets on top of a lightbox – an idea inspired by the way the colours of a cinema screen are enhanced by a light source. 

Rens Muis, 75B: “There are no digital effects or tricks from computer software in this campaign. We wanted to achieve something that felt human. We’re blending and amplifying colours, and by moving and overlapping them, we see new tones appearing all the time. The campaign reflects IFFR’s programme, which is designed for a wide audience: there’s every colour and something for everyone.”

An eclectic selection of music brings the campaign’s colours to life in different genres. Our two official 30-second trailers, now launched online, feature fragments from track Brainwash CX2 by local punk artists Dissidence, and South African new wave song Ngunyuta Dance by BBC. 

Keep an eye out for more clips in the run-up to the festival. The official campaign trailer will reach cinema screens in January and February. At the same time, you can expect to see the city streets of Rotterdam filled with colour.

Save the date for IFFR 2022: 26 January – 6 February

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