IFFR 2021 films in theatres

01 July 2021

Still: Riders of Justice


IFFR 2021 films in theatres

01 July 2021

Missed a must-see film at our last festival edition, or want your taste of IFFR throughout the year? IFFR 2021 films are hitting big screens across the Netherlands, and we’re keeping you updated on each release!

18 November

Persona Non Grata
Lisa Jespersen, 2021, Denmark, 91 min’

Painful childhood memories confront a Danish author when she returns to her rural roots for a family wedding.

28 October

Dead & Beautiful
David Verbeek, 2021, Netherlands/Taiwan, 98’

After a weird night, five super-rich friends find out they are vampires. Panic! Is this really what they have become?


Riders of Justice
Anders Thomas Jensen, 2020, Denmark, 116’

Act of revenge devised by grumpy widower (Mads Mikkelsen) gets out of hand – with therapeutic consequences. Bittersweet, absurdist tragicomedy.



23 September

Dea Kulumbegashvili, 2020, France/Georgia, 126'

Jehovah’s Witness Yana refuses to be oppressed by her husband, church and the police. She commits the ultimate act of resistance against patriarchal society.

9 September

Dear Comrades!
Andrei Konchalovsky, 2020, Russia, 120’

A workers’ strike is violently put down by Soviet troops in this current, urgent historical drama by master director Konchalovsky.

19 August

El perro que no calla
Ana Katz, 2020, Argentina, 73’

Kind-hearted thirty-something Sebastián hops listlessly from job to job in this pleasing mix of empathetic drama and the slightly absurd.

12 August

Magnus von Horn, 2020, Poland, 102’

Psychological drama about fitness influencer Sylwia, who is forced to adjust her perfect impression of herself after encountering a stalker.

5 August

Kaweh Modiri, 2021, Netherlands, 107’  

A traumatised mother gets the opportunity to avenge her daughter’s execution in Iran. Is her victim really the perpetrator?

29 July

A man and a camera
Guido Hendrikx, 2020, Netherlands, 64’

Mysterious road movie knocking on Dutch front doors, investigating the everyday and putting tolerance to the test: “What's this all about?”

8 July

The World to Come
Mona Fastvold, 2020, US, 105'

Two female pioneers meet in the inhospitable setting of the American frontier circa 1856. Is there a place for gentle romance in this ruthless world?

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La nuit des rois
Philippe Lacôte, 2020, France, 93'

The power of storytelling underpins this stifling, inventive film from Côte d’Ivoire about life inside a gigantic prison. Winner of the IFFR Youth Jury Award 2021.

1 July

Quo vadis, Aida?
Jasmila Žbanić, 2020, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 101'

Bosnian UN interpreter Aida is trapped between factions in this moving, urgent drama about the genocide in Srebrenica in 1995.

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Quentin Dupieux, 2020, France, 74’

Two easily-distracted layabouts find a Labrador-sized fly in this new film from master absurdist Dupieux.

17 June

First Cow
Kelly Reichardt, 2019, VS, 122’ 

Beautiful, thoughtful western focusing on friendship rather than strife. And on the diversity of the American frontier around 1820.

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