IFFR 2020 in theatres: March

03 March 2020

Missed a must-see at IFFR 2020? These films will hit the big screen!

Whether you missed a must-see film at our last festival edition, or you just want your taste of IFFR throughout the year, we have good news for you! Some IFFR 2020 films will hit the big screens across the Netherlands, and we’ll be keeping you updated on releases. Here’s what’s to come in March 2020!


Drama Girl
Vincent Boy Kars, 2020, Netherlands, 90’

Can drama help us understand ourselves and the world better? Assisted by experienced actors, including Pierre Bokma and Elsie de Brauw, director Vincent Boy Kars re-enacts scenes from the life of Leyla, a young woman who is subjected to a certain amount of confusion in this intriguing experiment. What is still real, and what is fiction?

In theatres from 5 March

Read our interview with filmmaker Vincent Boy Kars

Jenneke Boeijink, 2019, Netherlands, 90’

Anna and Paul's perfect life is disrupted when their young son Thomas suddenly starts to exhibit aggressive tendencies. In their frustrating search for the cause, they are both confronted with their own defects, hidden below the veneer of seeming happiness. Slowly but surely the cracks in their existence get bigger.

In theatres from 12 March

The Wild Goose Lake
Diao Yi'nan, 2019, China, France, 113’

This stylised neo-noir dismembers a straightforward plot about a gang leader and a prostitute on the run into its almost abstract separate components. The heart of modern-day China lies hidden in the chaos that ensues. Meanwhile, Diao Yi'nan serves up one bloody, neon-lit visual tour de force after another.

In theatres form 12 March

Pablo Larraín, 2019, Chile, 102’

Platinum blonde Ema comes up with a master plan to get her adopted child Polo back. This audiovisual spectacle full of dance shows the smouldering streets of Valparaiso in all their glory and takes us into the (night)life of a group of young adults. With an ambient-reggaeton soundtrack by Nicolas Jaar.

In theatres from 19 March

Watch Pablo Larraín's film No during IFFR KINO on 4 March

Farewell Paradise
Sonja Wyss, 2019, Netherlands, 93’

The idyllic life in the Bahamas of a family with four young daughters is cruelly disrupted when mother decides to return to Switzerland. The director is one of the daughters, who all returned with her. She reconstructs events on the basis of candid, at times painful, conversations with her parents and sisters.

In theatres from 19 March

Rogier Hesp, 2020, Netherlands, 90’

Young Timo's life is dominated by gymnastics. He is training intensively for the World Championships, aiming ultimately for Olympic gold. But the powerful feelings he develops for his physiotherapist Irene call everything into question – including his complex relationship with his demanding, disabled father.

In theatres from 26 March

Valentyn Vasyanovych, 2019, Ukraine, 106’

Traumatised Sergey joins volunteers who recover the bodies of fallen soldiers in eastern Ukraine. This brings him into contact with archaeologist Katya, who is literally and metaphorically digging into her past. Atlantis presents a grim but urgent portrait of Ukraine today, and the horrific consequences of the war with Russia.

In theatres from 26 March

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