IFFR’s Signatures section complete

As Wednesday 24 January comes closer every day, we reveal more and more of IFFR’s film programme for 2018. A few weeks ago we announced several exciting premieres in IFFR’s Signatures section, for new work by renowned filmmakers. Now we complete the section.

Among the newly confirmed titles is the world premiere of Portuguese master Teresa Villaverde’s latest film, O termómetro de Galileu. Villaverde spent a summer with Italian filmmaker and IFFR veteran Tonino de Bernardi, resulting in a sublime homage to the art of living, and living for art. De Bernardi himself is still very productive; Signatures presents the world premiere of his film Ifigenia in Aulide, in which he ties the classic Euripides play to daily life and current affairs. 

  • Still: O termometru de Galileu

  • Still: Ifigenia in Aulide

By Japanese filmmaker Obayashi Nobuhiko, creator of the cult classic Hausu, Signatures presents the new film Hanagatami, a highly stylised anti-war film about a group of teenagers caught in the chaos of an impending World War II. 

  • Still: Hanagatami

Then some filmmakers with ties to Rotterdam. Among the highlights this year are Jeannette by Bruno Dumont, 9 Doigts by F.J. Ossang (honoured with a retrospective at IFFR 2011) and Good Luck by Ben Russell. Finally, Signatures contains the new film Such a Morning by renowned Indian artist Amar Kanwar and Radiance, the most recent film by Kawase Naomi, who started her cinematic career in Rotterdam with Suzaku in 1997.

  • Still: Jeannette

  • Still: 9 Doigts

  • Still: Such a Morning

  • Still: Radiance


  • 9 doigts/9 Fingers, F.J. Ossang, France/Portugal, 2017
  • L'amant d'un jour/Lover for a Day, Philippe Garrel, France, 2017
  • Asino, Anatoly Vasiliev, Switzerland, 2018, world premiere
  • The Bottomless Bag, Rustam Khamdamov, Russia, 2017, international premiere
  • Good Luck, Ben Russell, France, 2017
  • Hanagatami, Obayashi Nobuhiko, Japan, 2017, international premiere
  • Ifigenia in Aulide/Iphigenia in Aulis, Tonino De Bernardi, Italy, 2017, world premiere
  • Insect, Jan Švankmajer, Czech Republic, 2018, world premiere
  • Jeannette, Bruno Dumont, France, 2017                 
  • Lek and the Dogs, Andrew Kötting, United Kingdom/France/Chile, 2017, international premiere
  • Mrs. Fang, Wang Bing, Hong Kong/France/Germany, 2017
  • Radiance, Kawase Naomi, Japan/France, 2017
  • Readers, James Benning, USA, 2017
  • Such a Morning, Amar Kanwar, India, 2017
  • La telenovela errante/Wandering Soap Opera, Raúl Ruiz/Valeria Sarmiento, Chile, 2017
  • O termómetro de Galileu/Galileo’s Thermometer, Teresa Villaverde, Portugal, 2018, world premiere

Photo in header: Still: Radiance