Hush hush – cinema’s silence

Cinema is at its most compelling is when a massive, collective silence occurs …






It can happen during a prolonged sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey or a short, suspenseful moment in a thriller, or, even more powerfully, when a rowdy audience suddenly becomes totally absorbed and not the slightest noise can be heard in the room.

Of course, even in its earliest years, cinema has never been silent. There were always whispers and coughs in the auditorium, and the contribution of the raconteur, a piano or a full orchestra. Only where there is sound, there is also the possibility for silence.

Say No More is IFFR’s thematic programme about listening, about actively reaching out to make contact with the image, instead of ‘obeying’ or passively undergoing it. The films in Say No More do not spell out their message, they let the images speak for themselves, and above all: aim to reinvigorate our senses, and our need to connect. This way we rediscover the compelling sensation of a collective viewing, the notion of togetherness in silence and of listening to one’s own inner voice. What unites these films it the scarcity of human speech in each of them.

Say No More includes feature films, mid-lengths and short films, an exhibition and also a series of screenings – everyday in the same room and at the same time – where a live component will be added to the experience.

In collaboration with gallery PrintRoom, Finnish artist Mika Taanila will present the exhibition Works on Paper, consisting of two series: an ultra-minimalist reduction of a film script in My Silence (On Paper) (2015) and a small library of brutally, yet cleverly abused books on cinema: Film Reader (2017), as previously premiered at the Venice Biennale.

  • Still: In My Room

    Still: In My Room

  • Still: In My Room

  • Still: la lucarne des rêves

    Still: la lucarne des rêves

  • Still: Walden

    Still: Walden

Below you’ll find the films in Say No More. More films may be added later.

Feature films:

  • The Harvest, Misho Antadze, 2019, Georgia
  • In My Room, Ulrich Köhler, 2018, Germany

  • Walden, Daniel Zimmermann, 2018, Switzerland

Mid-length films:

  • Kev, Clémence Hébert, 2018, Belgium

  • La lucarne des rêves/The Window of Dreams, Cendrine Robelin, 2018, France

Short films:

  • Blue, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2018, Thailand, 12’

  • Edges: Waves, Simon Payne, 2018, UK, 6’

  • Het geluk van honden/A Dog's Luck, Nina de Vroome, 2018, Belgium, 23’

  • Here, Loïc Kreyden, 2018, Switzerland, 4' 
  • J, Gaetano Liberti, 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 44’

  • Mais un oiseau ne chantait pas/But One Bird Sang Not, Pierre Hébert, 2018, Canada, 6’

  • The Mirrored Message, Benjamin Tiven, 2018, Sweden/USA, 13’

  • The Modernist, Catherine Opie, 2017, USA, 22’

  • Or, Hawick, may 18Jacques Perconte, 2018, France, 9' 
  • Realms, Patrik Söderlund, 2018, Finland, 20’

  • Screen, Christoph Girardet/Matthias Müller, 2018, Germany, 18’

  • Spender House, Emily Richardson, UK, 15’

  • SisyphusDriss Aroussi, 2019, France, 12'
  • Touching Sound, Johannes Binotto, 2018, Switzerland, 4’

  • Video Home System, Guusje America, 2018, Netherlands, 43’

  • Way Up in the Sky, Thiago Brito, Isabella Raposo, 2018, Brazil, 13’

  • Words, Planets, Laida Lertxundi, 2018, USA/Spain, 11’

Photo in header: Film Reader