Hivos Tiger Awards Competition 2013 - Winners

IFFR congratulates filmmakers Mira Fornay, Daniel Hoesl and Mohammad Shirvani with their Hivos Tiger Awards! The directors each won – besides international recognition – a prize of €15.000.

During the ceremony on Friday 1 February in 'de Doelen', the winners of the eighteenth Hivos Tiger Awards Competition were presented. The three winners of the equal Hivos Tiger Awards 2013 are:


Fat Shaker - Mohammad Shirvani (Iran, 2013)
Shirvani's drama about a stern patriarch was, the jury stated, 'a fascinating story with superb characters.'

My Dog Killer Mira Fornay (Slovakia/Czech Republic, 2013)
An unflinching study of a troubled teen in small-town Slovakia, the film was praised by its jury for 'showing a very strong subject from the inside'

Soldate Jeannette - Daniel Hoesl (Austria, 2012)
A provocative portrait of two women from different ends of the social spectrum, Hoesl's debut feature was commended for it 'strong imagery and visual power.'

Chinese visual artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei was not be able to attend the festival and commented on his jury duty in a pre-recorded video message.