HBF Harvest 2014

Harvest in Hivos Tiger Awards Competition 2014

Concrete Clouds
Father jumps off roof. Economy caves in. Childhood sweetheart remains out of reach. Nice girl next door slides into prostitution. Elder brother knows better....Lee Chatametikool, 2013, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, 99 min.

Harvest in Spectrum 2014

EDSA XXX: Nothing Ever Changes...
Political realism in an absurdist musical. Everything in this film is based on exaggeration and also on the incomparable reality of the Philippines. The images...Khavn, 2014, Philippines, 80 min.

How to Disappear Completely
Martin, the major talent of Filipino cinema, this time takes a different turn. His palate remains colourful, but alongside experimental and horror influences,...Raya Martin, 2013, Philippines, 80 min.

Lake August
To forget the death of his father and a broken relationship, a young man roams through a far corner of China. He comes to a halt in a resort. Yang has a unique...Yang Heng, 2014, China, Hong Kong, 113 min.

Her days consist of commuting and cleaning all over Buenos Aires. While Reimon vacuums, her wealthy clients read to each other, fascinated, from Marx's...Rodrigo Moreno, 2014, Argentina, Germany, 72 min.

Zanj Revolution
Journalist Battuta uncovers the traces of forgotten uprisings in 9th-century Iraq: the Zanj Revolution. He tries to map out this hidden history in Beirut,...Tariq Teguia, 2013, Algeria, 136 min.

Harvest in Bright Future 2014

Liar's Dice, The
A headstrong, beautiful woman from a picturesque village at Indian-Tibetan border sets out on a hazardous journey with her small daughter and a goat to find...Geethu Mohan Das, 2013, India, 98 min.

Leave It for Tomorrow, for Night Has Fallen
The years under dictator Marcos (1965-1986) were a time of great suffering for the Philippines. This filmmaker was born after the dictatorship, but felt its...Jet Leyco, 2013, Philippines, 100 min.

A deeply moving drama about a Sikh family that only gives birth to daughters, set in Punjab early after the Partition of India. The male heir of the family has...Anup Singh, 2013, Germany, India, Netherlands, France, 109 min.

Remote Control
A country boy growing up in a loveless environment arrives in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, where he finds accommodation on a flat roof. Obsessed by a...Byamba Sakhya, 2013, Mongolia, Germany, 90 min.

voces, Las
Feature film about a documentary maker who begins a sinister friendship with his reclusive subject in the largely depopulated Mexican outback. Narcissist meets...Carlos Armella, 2014, Mexico, Argentina, 106 min.

African Metropolis (part of Spectrum Shorts)

  • L'autre femme, Marie Ka (Senegal)
  • Berea, Vincent Moloi (South Africa)
  • The Cave, Ahmed Ghoneimy (Egypt)
  • Homecoming, Jim Chuchu (Kenya)
  • The Line-Up, Folasakin Iwajomo (Nigeria)
  • To Repel Ghosts, Philippe Lacôte (Côte d'Ivoire)