HBF & CineMart 'Harvest' on 45th IFFR

06 January 2016

Like every year, a selection of films in the IFFR programme are partially made possible by Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) or CineMart. Our 'Harvest' for this year consists of 19 feature films, three of which are Hivos Tiger Award nominees.

Felipe Guerrero received HBF funding in 2012 for his project Oscuro animal. Four years later the film, about the mental and physical struggle for survival of three women in the primordial forests of Colombia, will has its world premiere at the 45th IFFR. Also a world premiere and also from Latin America is Pablo Lamar's La última tierra. Lamar's feature debut, that portrays a man and his dying wife, living in a remote hut in the hills of Paraguay, received HBF funding in 2010.

Alba, a very promising debut by Quito based filmmaker Ana Cristina Barragán, was supported in 2015. The delicate film about an 11 year old girl and her father will be screened in the Bright Future main programme. In the Deep Focus section José Luis Torres Leiva will screen his third HBF funded feature, El viento sabe que vuelvo a casa. The film about a filmmaker who settles in Chiloé, the largest island off the coast of Chile to look for extras and locations, is part of the festivals theme ID: Community Cameras.

In 2012 Torres Leiva directed the special HBF-leader:

A special feature film in this year's selection is El abrazo de la serpiente by Ciro Guerra. This award winning film, as well as Guerra's earlier film Wind Journeys, was supported by HBF. In addition to this, Ciro Guerra will also attend this year's CineMart with his new project, Birds of Passage.

Very often projects that participate at the festival's CineMart, find partners there to further finance the films. History's Future by Dutch filmmaker Fiona Tan, selected for a Hivos Tiger Award, was presented in the first edition of Art:Film at CineMart 2013. Gabriel Mascaro attended CineMart 2011 with his film Neon Bull. The film, that was also earlier funded by HBF, will be screened in the Limelight programme of the Voices section. With five titles, this programme will screen the biggest part of the 'Harvest'.

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