Hanna Verboom’s IFFR tips

What are festival insiders, tastemakers and creatives most looking forward to at the upcoming edition of IFFR? We askedactress and director Hanna Verboom, founder of Cinetree – a platform for and by film-lovers.

Bright Future section
Bright Future is IFFR's programme dedicated to young and emerging film talent with their own style and vision, often presenting their films for the first time on the international film scene.

“I am immensely looking forward to discovering the films in the Bright Future programme. Giving young talent a chance to develop is so important! At Cinetree, we strive to create a space for young makers with our short film collection. I think it’s brilliant that this has become one of the most important sections at a festival like IFFR!”

Bright Future

IFFR’s section dedicated to young and emerging film talent with their own style and vision, often presenting their films to the international film scene for the first time.

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The Barefoot Emperor
Three years after their festival hit King of the Belgians, Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth are back with the sequel in which a new Europe is created by the patients of a remote sanatorium. A refreshingly absurdist take on show politics with understated, top-class roles for Peter Van den Begin and Udo Kier.

“I really like Peter Van den Begin as an actor, and for that reason alone I really want to see this film. If only we in the Netherlands could make such great films as our neighbours to the south.”

Paradise Drifters
Raw road movie about three teens who only have each other. Heart-rending, intense acting from the young cast.

“I’ve known Mees Peijnenburg for a while and he’s absolutely one of my favourite Dutch directors. He’s previously made wonderful short films such as Un creux dans mon coeur and Geen koningen in ons bloed. This is his feature debut. Mees gets close to his characters and, thanks to the poetic film language he uses, is able to depict excruciating situations in a bearable way. I have high expectations of this film.”

Masterclass: Screenwriting Rocks
The friendships between the girls in Rocks feel so true to life because they are drawn from real life. The screenplay was created in close cooperation with the young, non-professional lead actresses. Director Sarah Gavron and associate director Anu Henriques talk about this exceptional, joint writing process.

“I’m very keen to see the film Rocks. I’m a big fan of Amor, the short film by Isabel Lamberti that also deals with teenage girls and their friendships. A delicate subject, particularly when different cultures come together, like in Rocks. It will be absolutely fascinating to hear more about the writing process in this Masterclass!”

Photo in header: Hanna Verboom