Found funding

Two of this year’s CineMart participants received word Tuesday of funding grants from the Dutch Film Fund for past CineMart projects.

Writer-director Ineke Smits has been granted an additional EUR 550,000 (on top of an earlier-received grant of EUR 450,000) for her 2004 CineMart project, the musical, THE AVIATRIX OF KAZBEK, which is budgeted at EUR 2.5 million. THE AVIATRIX OF KAZBEK and set in the last war on the Dutch island of Texel. Smits is at the current CineMart, pitching THE HOUSE OF MY FATHERS, which she will direct for Rotterdam’s Volya Films (Denis Vaslin producing), about a young boy in the Arctic who has five fathers and becomes a storyteller.

Producer Stienette Bosklopper, meanwhile, has been awarded EUR 350,000 (in addition to an earlier grant of EUR 450,000) in the same special round of funding, allowing her to put Eugenie Jansen’s CALI MUCHO into preproduction. (Jansen is the first Dutch director ever to win the Tiger Award, for her 2002 SLEEPING ROUGH). Bosklopper still need EUR 200,000-300,000 and is running other funding applications. The film revolves around young girl who is to inherit a circus.

Bosklopper is at this IFFR’s CineMart this year with NOW SHE YELLS from Cannes shorts’ director, Esther Rots. “It’s a multi-style, experimental film,” she says. (SK)