Fonds 21 is our new main partner

We have some good news! Fonds 21 will become our main partner for the next three years. The fund supports a large number of arts and cultural projects, as well as social projects for young people. Fonds 21 has been involved with IFFR since 2009. We are very pleased to announce that, just before our anniversary edition in 2021, Fonds 21 is committing to the festival as one of our main partners.


Fonds 21 is committed to professional, high-quality projects that are able to reach a broad, new audience and in doing so wants to make a positive contribution to Dutch society. In the coming years, the fund will support the programming of IFFR, with a focus on audience development, education and the connection with the city of Rotterdam.

“IFFR distinguishes itself with the artistic quality and topicality of its programme,” says Marie Hélène Cornips, general manager of Fonds 21. “The festival shows that an artistic signature is not in contradiction with reaching a large and diverse audience. We are happy to connect with this internationally leading festival.”

The festival management is naturally very pleased with the partnering. “It enables us to realise our ambitions with regard to broadening our audience, and to continue our impact research within the education programme”, says IFFR's managing director, Marjan van der Haar.

“Our goal has always been to bring quality films to the widest possible audience”, adds festival director Bero Beyer. “With the support of Fonds 21, we can focus more on this in the coming three years. The expertise of the fund and the attention to both quality and audience reach are of great added value.”