Final first selection Videoland Academy

03 July 2020

Fiction projects De Indringer, Fantoom, De Sterfshow en Dagen dat ik je Vergeet are selected for the first Videoland Academy

Fiction projects De Indringer, Fantoom, De Sterfshow and Dagen dat ik je Vergeet are definitively selected for the first Videoland Academy.

The plans

The following plans have been selected for the first edition of the Videoland Academy:

  • De Indringer- Jan Verdijk
  • Fantoom - Leon Golterman
  • De Sterfshow - Johan Paul de Vrijer, Timo Ottevanger, Edson Da Conceicao, Remy Mulder, Wladimir van Heester
  • Dagen dat ik je Vergeet - Bodil Matheeuwsen

Antoinette Beumer, Head of Drama Videoland: "The Videoland Academy is incredibly proud that we have been able to select four diverse fiction plans within the Grounded Sci-Fi theme. Although the plans are very different, the common denominator is that they are all very good at Videoland's unique and quirky character."

In addition to the four fiction projects, the True Crime documentary triptych will be announced in September, which will be made possible with the support of the Videoland Academy.

About the Videoland Academy

The Videoland Academy wants to offer a new generation of makers the opportunity to develop and gain experience within professional practice in which commercial interests also play a role. For at least the next three years, the Videoland Academy offers a platform for this and supports new talent in financial and substantive terms. Videoland Academy is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and is in collaboration with the NFF, IDFA, IFFR and Dr. Script. Other partners are Buma Cultuur, Netherlands Film Academy, Planet X and Filmmore.

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