Filmmaker profile: Arun Karthick

For many years IFFR has supported filmmakers from all over the world. Film projects are financially backed by the Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) in various phases of production. But in addition to HBF, upcoming filmmakers can also turn to BoostNL. This program is aimed at offering a director or producer the connection and access to key stockholders in the sector for getting their film realised in the best way.

IFFR helped filmmaker Arun Karthick at different stages of his second feature film development. After the selection of The Strange Case of Shiva for IFFR 2016, Karthick was granted funding from HBF in 2017 and 2018 for the development of his new feature, Nasir. He describes this contribution as crucial as it eased access to complementary financiers in India.

The selection of Nasir for BoostNL amplified the construction process and permitted the co-production of Dutch Rinkel Film, spinning Karthick’s 2nd feature to a healthier development stage.  "Incidentally, the first meeting that we had turned out to be with our co-producers. In a very exciting way, they told us guys, we are doing this!. We really like your story and we want to be a part of this. We want to help you tell that story’." Karthick said.

The co-production with Rinkel Film also brought Arun into contact with post-production company Fever Film in Amsterdam. He is currently finalising colour and sound correction. "I think the biggest takeaway from the co-production for us was to be able to consult with producers from a different culture. And to make the point clear to them as to what we are trying to say through the film".

According to Karthick, IFFR plays a major role beyond Nasir’s development: "What fascinates me about IFFR is that it is not just a platform to show diverse films and diverse filmmakers but it also helps those filmmakers make their next film. So in that way, it is a huge encouragement and trust that they place in filmmakers and that is more important than any money".

Nasir is in the last stage of post-production.