Festival selects Filmmakers in Focus

Festival selects Filmmakers in Focus

Stephen Dwoskin (United Kingdom) and Nagasaki Shunichi (Japan) are honoured as Filmmakers in Focus during the 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam. Both filmmakers will receice tribute retrospective sections of part of their works including their latest films: Dwoskin's OBLIVION (as world premiere) and Nagasaki's HEART BEATING IN THE DARK.

Stephen Dwoskin

Stephen Dwoskin (1939, New York) has been a London based avant-garde filmmaker since the late sixties. He’s also the author of the influential book ‘Film Is’ (1975) on the history of the avant-garde. His film work is an amalgam of a variety of subjects, such as voyeurism, intimacy, eroticism, subject-object relationships, and duration. Dwoskin has also made a number of personal documentary essays. He has been a regular visitor of the festival, since the very beginning. The festival will present a selection of his large oeuvre as well as the world premiere of his latest film OBLIVION. This focus on Dwoskin will coincide with the launching of a DVD box consisting of 14 of his films. Throughout the years Dwoskin has been a regular guest of the festival. Many of his films have been screened, including his feature DYN AMO during the very first edition in 1972.

 Nagasaki Shunichi

NAGASAKI Shunichi (1956) has continued to deliver a steady stream of provocative and challenging films for many years now, often dealing with characters pushed to extremes by unforeseen circumstances. He was in the vanguard of the Japanese independent 8 millimetre scene of the late 70s, and has since worked in every possible format: Super-8, 16mm, 35mm, video and digital video. As his admirers have said for years: not nearly as well-known outside Japan as his oeuvre deserves to be. That will change. HEART, BEATING IN THE DARK (2005), his extraordinary re-make, sequel and making off of his little seen (8 mm) classic from 1982, is an excellent reason to present Nagasaki as Filmmaker in Focus.