Festival Food Tips for veggie and vegan tigers

If there’s anyone who can help you survive IFFR, it’s Lot Piscaer. The Rotterdam-based food writer knows all the best restaurants, from fine dining to local snacks, and from the best Chinese food to vegan fare. In this blog: plenty of options for veggie or vegan filmfoodies.

Even the hungriest of tigers crave a meatless meal sometimes. They don’t have do much hunting: over the last few years, Rotterdam has welcomed many vegetarian and vegan dishes on its restaurant menus.

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Close to home is the food court in de Doelen. How about a veggie hotdog at award-winning Chez Jan? Or a pasta aglio e olio, quinoa burger of vegan wrap at The Queen of New York?

Bertman’s, a large new restaurant on Schouwburgplein, offers a lot of vegetarian and vegan options throughout the day. Extra recommended: their General Tso Cauliflower. These chunks of battered and deep-fried cauliflower with a sweet & sour sauce make the perfect pre- of after-cinema snack.

Kaapse Maria on the nearby Mauritsweg is a nice pub with over twenty beers on tap. Apart from that, they go the extra mile with their pub food. The mainly Asian-themed snacks vary from gyoza to vegan maki and eggplant with homemade miso.

Jack Bean instantly feeds all hungry tigers with their fully plant based fast cuisine: burgers, mac ‘n (no) cheese, wraps and a chili so good you can’t believe it’s not carne. During the festival they serve a special Buffalo Tiger Sandwich, on a cute Tiger bun.

If you’re in the mood for more fancy dining, go next door, at Tribes. Here, chef Friedjof Kempenaar’s Vega Pop Up serves a five course vegan fine dining menu. For example, a ‘sneaky steak’ made with tomato and piccalilli ‘egg yolk’, and smoked celeriac puree with roasted pear. It’s also possible to have some small dishes only for 10 euros a piece.

South of the river, Vislokaal Kaap is a great place to go. It’s a fish and seafood restaurant that also serves a vegan menu. During the festival they’re extra fast and extra cheap. Got a sweet tooth? Then hop over to Sharp Sharp on the Hillelaan (near Rijnhaven subway). Their vegan and gluten free cakes, bars and chocolate look amazing and taste great too.