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As humans and sentient beings we all have the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. Our feelings play out in the theatre of the mind each day, sparked by emotions, and coloured by thoughts, memories and images. If you’ve ever wept, grinned, giggled, grieved, or fallen completely silent at the cinema, you know: some of our most intriguing emotional responses can come to us when we’re watching a film. The 48th festival edition will move through this plethora of emotion, and will consider how our feelings can be evoked, understood or manipulated by images in a contemporary world.

Join us in 2019 to feel IFFR

Festival director Bero Beyer: “The way we interpret and give meaning to the world is very much emotionally driven. In other words: your experience only registers if you attribute an emotion to it. I think to come to a new sense of what it means to be alive, we need to challenge our emotions and experiences. This is exactly the tension that we’re trying to arrange in the campaign! You see faces that look one way, but, you read something else, there’s something beyond what you’re seeing.”

At IFFR 2019, it’s these layers and contradictions that will be explored. Beyer: “Many films in the programme are challenging what we see and the way we feel. We invite you to open up to this, pay attention to how you’re interpreting images and life through emotion. It’s liberating. Whether something makes you feel euphoric, inspired, or disappointed, the experience is always a fuller if you allow the emotion to come in. We’re very trained in putting up walls and saying things won't touch us. Well, no dice if you come to IFFR 2019!”

Whether something makes us feel euphoric, inspired, or disappointed, the experience is always a fuller if you allow the emotion to come in” – Bero Beyer

Our feel IFFR campaign is designed by Rotterdam design agency 75B, they worked on exploring the range of human emotion and discovered this comes to life in the faces of IFFR-films. Designer Rens Muis: “Our feelings can show up as very special expressions. As we played around with frontal images where emotion is readable in each character’s face, we made conjectures of what feelings were happening inside, or used something conflicting. It lead to funny, mysterious, or unexpected combinations. It told us a lot about assumptions that we make, nothing we know for sure”.

In our past two festival editions, we took you on a trip to Planet IFFR, and later introduced you to its special residents the humans of Planet IFFR. This year, we move past the long-distant analysis, zooming in to find what moves them.

feel IFFR, from 23 January until 3 February 2019

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